In in a company. By using SPSS tools, researcher

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Last updated: August 20, 2019

In Bangladesh,BRAC Bank Limited is a private commercialbank which was founded on 4 July, 2001. Initially, the main purpose ofthis bank was to reach to the large number of unbanked people that was notcovered by the traditional banks. Though the main motive of this bank was tofacilitate Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), at present it is the provider ofRetails Banking, Card Service (Credit & Debit), Wholesale Banking& Custodial Service, Probashi Banking, Foreign Exchange & RelatedServices, SME Banking and so on. They are giving their full effort to be thevibrant,transparent and efficient financial banking services providerin Bangladesh. BRACBank is ready to bring any change for the advancement of their consumer and tokeep pace with the current dynamic market demand.

Keeping this in mind, on thebeginning of the next year-2018, they are going to introduce a new digitalchange in their company. This report has been made from that perspective toacknowledge the acceptability of digital transformation among the users ingeneral, mostly in their employees. This was a qualitative research and bothprimary and secondary research are used to collect data so that the researchcan be done in an unbiased way. For the survey, 50 respondents are approachedto express their opinion about digital transformation in a company.

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By usingSPSS tools, researcher wanted to know the correlation of two specific questionsfrom the survey questionnaire. In brief about the survey, most of therespondents support digital transformation. From their perspective, digitaltransformation incurs a huge amount of cost for that organization but compareto it’s usefulness-this cost is worth enough. Basically, digital transformationensure the capabilities in it’s user to complete their task more efficiently sothat they can embrace new challenges in this dynamic business era and can accomplishtheir business goals.

Last but not the least, it needs to remember that, “Digital transformation is the profoundtransformation of business and organizational activities, processes,competencies and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of amix of digital technologies and their accelerating impact across society in astrategic and prioritized way, with present and future shifts in mind” (i-scoop, 2016).

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