In in Brazil accompanying the Portuguese immigrants. And,

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Last updated: August 26, 2019

In this assignment, I’mgoing to talk about a tradition that continues to be observed, carnival in RioDe Janeiro.

I will talk about two things. One is this Carnival roots and theother is the event’s statement. Now, let’s explain about this event.First, I’m going to talkabout this carnival roots.

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The Rio de Janeiro Carnival is held every year and about2 million people visit this event per a day. What is the origin of this event? Theroots are the ancient Greek festival. This is held in spring to respect Dionysuswho is “the god of wine” and to celebrate the arrival of spring. (USA, the Romans imitated this festival to adore two gods, Bacchanalia andSaturnalia. For a long time, the carnival in Venice was the biggest carnival allover the world. After that, the carnival spread all Catholic countries ofEurope. The first carnival in Rio De Janeiro goes back to 1723.

It came inBrazil accompanying the Portuguese immigrants. And, the beginning of musicduring carnival is the middle 19th century. Jose Nogueira, who was a shoemaker,paraded through the street playing musical instrument. This was introduced tothe carnival and people became to wear the special clothes. In 1907, thefestival car decorating some ornament was used in Corso. The most famous carnivalwas the Ranchos Carnavalescos in 1911 and this is the origin of thecarnival in Rio De Janeiro. After that, the samba which is the main music ofRio’s carnival was born and carnival in Rio De Janeiro completed.

Second, I’m going to talkabout the event’s statement. Looking at the picture of the carnival, we can seea lot of beautiful costumes. Costumes are designed by the samba school’sproposal. There are three type costumes, ground wing costumes, float carnivalcostumes and costumes for everyone.

They are decorated with a lot of spangles,wings, stones, jewels so on. The costumes are very beautiful and bright, so theyare worth seeing and taking photographs. Also, the highlight of Rio deJaneiro’s Carnival is the Samba Schools’ Parade. It has begun “as a streetparty with groups of bands.” ( First, the main parade was helddowntown. And gradually, “the main parades have been transferred to theSambódromo” (RIO-CARNIVAL.

net) The preparation of the samba parade takes a lotof time. The samba parade isn’t the simple street event, it is the special showprepared carefully. Every people who taking part in this samba parade havetheir own role, so it indicates the samba school’s theme of this event.

Everyyear, this theme changes into historical events, famous characters, specificplaces and person so on. So, sophisticated song, music and dance are very importantto express the theme. There are a lot of traditional events all overthe world. Each event has own theme, so we need to know its real theme when wetake part in the events. So, people taking part with the event should think themain theme. And now, people should carry on the traditional events to theiroffspring forever.

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