In in France the number was 4 %.

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Last updated: June 14, 2019

In1992 investigation revealed that  6.1% ofmales in Britain have had a homosexual experience in France the number was 4 %.According to a survey of 2003, 12% of Norwegians was homosexual.

In New Zealanda recent report proposed that 20% of the population anonymously reported samehomosexual feeling meanwhile few of them identifying as homosexual. Percentageof persons identifying homosexual was 2 to 3%. According to a 2008 survey only6% of Britains characterized their sexual desire  as homosexual or bisexual, more than twicethat number of Britons have had some types of sexual contact with some one ofthe similar sex. In USA, according to exit polling on 2008 election day for the2008 presidential election, 4% of electorate self recognized as LGB , the samepercentage as in 2004. An estimated 34,000 homosexuals who are in relationshipare engaged by the national government.

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The 2012 U.S. presidential election have seen that,for the first time, the election of a major party candidate who publicallysupported and upheld same-sex couples’ right to marry. Exit polling from theelection found that 49 % of voters supported legal marriage for homosexualcouples in their states, compared with 46% who restricted. voters for the firsttime openly endorsed marriage rights for bisexual couples by strong majority inthree states. Difference this rising support for homosexual with the fact thatsince 1998, 30 states have enacted constitutional amendments to limit marriageto different-sex.

The topic of same-sex couples and their status in U.S.Aremains a highly perceptible and controversial. An estimated3.5% of adults in the America identify as LGB and an estimated 0.3% of adults are transgender.

In 2001 Kaiser Family Foundation survey found that60% of Americans ages from  17-29support  same- sex marriage. They don’t seethe harm since same sex couples may be in love too, but this is a ethical issuethat affects our society.Likely nineteen million Americans reported that theyhave engaged with homosexual behavior and approximately 25.60 million Americansadmit at least some homosexual magnetism. In Indiathere is no official demography for the LGBT population, but the Govt.

of Indiasubmitted fixture to the supreme court in 2012, according to which there wereapprox 2.5 million gay people recorded in India. These records are just in viewof those people’s who have self confirmed to the Ministry of Health. Thesestatics may be substantially higher for individuals who have hidden theiridentity, since a number of homosexual Indians are living in the secret due tofear of prejudice. However there are many websites in India which provide tobisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender communities and many people areenrolled and actively communicate and guidance each other through thesedestination.

According to trendy gay dating website, which has about 1.8million men registered from around the world, India has about 14 thousand  individual males registered , a fixture morethan western countries like the USA(46,645) and the UK(41,021) and positionsthird on the list of individual’s registered from a nation nearly 80% of themare from 15to30 age range with highest numbers registered in states ofMaharashtra(25,564) Tamil Nadu(16,380) Karnataka(14,763) and Delhi(13,441), while cities with the highestnumbers are New Delhi (13,441), Mumbai(11,001)., Hyderabad(10,273) andBangalore (8,000 ).On 24 August 2017, Indian  Supreme Court gave the country’s LGBT communitythe freedom to safely utter their sexual orientation .Therefore an individual’ssexual orientation is protected under the country’s Right to Privacy law.However, the Supreme Court did not directly overturn any laws criminalizing homosexualrelationship.In 2004, the most research depict that a majority ofthe USA population still anchorage negative attitudes towards gay people’s andhomosexuality, although the size of majority has diminish markedly over theprevious decade .

The Canadian, British and Australian population has a tendencyto be more accepting of homosexuality than Americans but their attitude aregenerally predict by the same demographic characteristics and values. The mostdata show that in 2002 those considering homosexuality to be always wrongconstituted just 50% of the population, while over 30% of the population nowbelieve homosexuality is not a erroneous at all.Altemeyer (2001), conducted a parallel study in aCanadian University, which showed that while opinion on the suitability ofhomosexual deeds changed very little between1984 to 1998, respondents becomemuch less willing to confine the civil liberties of homosexual people.Nowdays homosexuality is general issue in our society that need to take up thisstudy come up knowledge and attitude among college students in a selectedcollege of Rewa. In recent year there has been significant increase in publicawareness regarding homosexuality .so by the help of this study assess studentknowledge about homosexuality and attitude towards homosexuality.


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