In in Hitchcock’s, Psycho (1960). In of sound and

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In Hitchcock’s words: “I think what sound brought of value to the cinema was to complete the realism of the image on the screen. It made everyone in the audience deaf mutes.” Because he is known for his visual techniques, Alfred Hitchcock’s unique use of sound is a topic, which does not receive the attention it deserves.

This is what this paper will try to accomplish, to explain why his unique use of sound deserves so much attention. Sound is an important element in Hitchcock’s techniques. This created and amplified the suspense in the scene include the technique of music in this unique fashion. He also makes great use of whistling, humming, singing, and even playing the piano. Each Dialogue a Hitchcock favorite. In one of his later films, The Birds (1963), the scene where Melanie is smoking a cigarette out in school playground. The school children singing creates an eerie and uncomfortable feeling for the audience. It builds up a tremendous amount of suspense in the scene.

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In my opinion, this was Alfred Hitchcock’s best use of sound yet. It was absolutely beautifully and expertly done; making it an unforgettable scene. The use of sound in music is also incredible in Hitchcock’s, Psycho (1960).

In of sound and music created. He often interwove his suggestions into the screenplay even! Sound was so important to Hitchcock that no matter how much Hitchcock trusted his composer and sound mixer, he always dictated detailed notes for the dubbing of sound effects and the placement of music. Everything needed to be perfect in the eyes or in this case ears of Hitchcock. His meticulous and perfectionist ways are definitely evident in his films.

In Psycho, Hitchcock wanted “no music at all though the motel sequence.” Hermann, the person behind most of Hitchcock’s films scores, at first did not The simplistic style of having an all-star game musical score reflects the black and white images. This unique sound created suspense like none other in the film. Hitchcock maintains this suspense in the anti-climatic parts of the film. An example being when the Marion steals a large amount of money. When Marion leaves town with said cash in her car, the fast-paced violin sounds create a lot of nerves for the audience. This musical style appears every time he uses the stolen money.

A similar musical score in the chair, the music remains the same, suggesting that no danger will occur. Lila discovers that Norman’s mother is Psycho symbolizes the importance film techniques in this genre, but also the sound strategies Hitchcock mastered so effortlessly. Suspense relies immensely on these two categories and by using both, Hitchcock draws in audiences until this day. of many techniques and themes still used in horror films today. Without the influence of Hitchcock most horror films today would be completely different.

Hollywood was truly a genius and created films that were timeless. Meaning

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