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            In general,several management departments require interview sessions to assess the bestindividual to perform in this imperative position. The interview has toevaluate completely whether the employees suit the company’s majorqualifications; experience, knowledge and personality.             Experiences can be acquired when people get into working in the real condition.The more experiences they have faced the more chances they will be trusted bythe employers. This is true because the vast majority of people will improvethemselves for the better or even diminish their bad habits from their ownencountered experiences.             Likewise, knowledge is also one of the essential requirements.

Every manager,of course, has to graduate at least a bachelor’s degree equivalent in businessrelated field. However, it will definitely be more satisfied if there is theapplicant who achieves higher degrees as it means that they have gone through alot obstacles and effort more than other applicants. Another thing in the listis the institution’s name.

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Most of the people are so adhered to the fame ofuniversities or colleges. The reason is that the entrance process of thoseexcellent and famous universities are more difficult.             Finally, it is the personality. There are several of personalities that arerequired for being a manager such as systematic, high-spirited, analytical andparticularly leadership.             Recently, it is still a controversial inquiry that whether the leadership skillis an innate or not innate skill.

In my opinion, leadership is not an innateskill. It is more of the way they have been treated over time. Did they get anopportunity to have a role involving in leadership skill? Or did they getbullies a lot and no one cares for them.

There are many factors thatgather this leadership skill. For instance, the family, the school and thefriends they are with. Mostly, the person that will have a really excellentleadership skill is the one who has always involved in leader works such asschool’s leader, club’s president, student council or other activities thatrequire a skill of being able to lead.

Those types of people will havedifferent mindsets from the normal followers. They will be more creative, moredecisive, more confident etc. In the meantime, the more leadership works theydeal, the more effective leader they will be. It is actually not that hard toachieve the leadership qualification. It is just that they have to start fromtheir own deep mind and think that they are not average and they are able tohave a leadership skill too. Anyway, it is not quick anyway; they have togather the leadership skill from time to time starting from focusing to theprize or goal to inspiring others often to build joy surroundings for othercoworkers.

            Moreover, mostcompanies definitely look for something more than having a leadership skill. Inmy opinion, there are other three essential qualifications that they need tohave; emotionally intelligent, adaptive and technical. Firstly, it is theemotionally intelligent, the skill of controlling our own emotions.

They haveto be mature enough in different situations, not just hoping other workers tosatisfy them. Some people are amazingly intelligent, but they lack theemotional intelligence that makes them an unimpressive people to work with. Secondly,being an adaptive person. The world is not constant; it is always changes inevery second. In any fields, there are complexity and dynamic in thoseparticular fields.

They have to be able to anticipate the possibility of whatsomething will happen in the near future wisely from trends or interactionswith people in everyday life. The last one is being technical. Technical meansto be professionally specialized in your field. Having precise knowledge iscrucial. Therefore, it is better to test the employees first that do they have accurateknowledge or information with them or not.

Maybe by putting them for a sampleactual working or just some questions you want to ask.             In conclusion,leadership is not an innate skill and the company needs to have an emotionallyintelligent, an adaptive and a technical manager as well. 

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