In introduced “Whistleblowing Policy” as a channel to

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Last updated: May 25, 2019

In Malaysia, Malaysian Institute ofIntegrity (IIM) has been set up by government to act as a mechanism in theimplementation of the National Integrity Plan.

Malaysia Corruption PerceptionsIndex results showed that Malaysia’s position continues to be in the mid-rangeaverage, even though many steps have been undertaken under the GovernmentTransformation Programmed initiatives indicating that there is no significantdecrease in corruption (Jamaliah & Normah, 2014). Malaysian Anti-CorruptionCommission (MACC) encourages organizations to sign the Corporate IntegrityPledge as an effort to eradicate corruption in organization (Bernama, 2012).The pledges represent organizations commitment to practice integrity in thebusiness operation which is free from unhealthy elements such as corruption andfraud. On 2013 as reported in the Star newspaper, the Selangor DevelopmentCorporation (PKNS) has become the first State Economic Development Corporationwhich showed commitment to corporate integrity by signing a corporate integritypledge. The pledge was sign to show the organization’s commitment towardsintegrity, transparency, good governance and curb corruption in its businessoperation.

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PKNS also introduced “Whistleblowing Policy” as a channel to receivecomplaints and report onany unethical conducts as a breach of discipline among members of PKNS.According to PKNS, the pledge was sign as a sign of commitment in integritypractices and Whistleblowing Policy is the platform to overcome misconduct ormismanagement within the organization.Most of the prior research has beenfocused on the impact of whistleblowing practices in corporate governance asgeneral without specifically mention each elements of good corporategovernance. Therefore, lack of information from the previous research in focusingon how internal whistleblowing may give impact on corporate integrity of anorganization has limited this study.

Corporate integrity should not be takenlightly as integrity is a complex element which is hard to measure on how anindividual is said to be having integrity in each personality.

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