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Inthis assignment I have explained the health and safety that is used in a wood workshopand I have explained what is a band saw machine and how to use the machine alsothe advantages and disadvantages of the band saw.

Also, I have explained aboutscroll saw and how to use the machine, and the advantages and disadvantages. Ihave explained about the pillar drill machine and wrote the advantages anddisadvantages for the pillar drillConclusion   Woodworkshop is a place making items from wood which is the following jobscarpenters, furniture, wood carving, joinery. for example, the carpenters jobis to make and repair wooden objects.

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Who uses wood workshopsSomeof the major disadvantages of a pillar drill is as the following, if not wornP.P.E correctly you can seriously harm yourself or others around you. Anotherdisadvantage of using a pillar drill is if it has been used for long period oftime the user can lose concentration and that can cause the drill to cut in thewrong place on the material.Disadvantages of a pillar drill Apillar drill has many more advantages however it also has its disadvantages.-         It can cut through materials that have quite a high strength.-         A pillar drill Is straightforward and easy to use.

–         A pillar drill has high accuracy so that you can cut throughmaterials with precision.Generallythe most major advantages of using a pillar drive is as the following:Advantages of a pillar drill Apillar drill can be bolted to the floor or it can be mounted on a stand or itcan also be mounted on a workbench. You can use the pillar drill to drillthrough metals, woods and plastic, and the reason of it being drill is so thatthe machine won’t be moved while drilling through a heavy material.

–         Bench drill –         Pedestal drill –         Drill press A pillardrill has many names Pillar drill                                                                                          figure 3Tooperate the scroll saw machine aim the blade of the scroll saw towards the linethat needs to be cut. once that is done use both hands instead of one andsoftly control the wood into the blade, just make sure you hold down the pieceand keep pushing forward along the cut line. How to operate scroll saw?   Anotherproblem that can occur with the machine is blown fuse, tripped breaker this canbe possible because the scroll saw uses enough electricity to blow fuses andtrip breakers. Another disadvantage would be that there could be a chance thatif you are not careful you could cause serious accidents to yourself.Thescroll saw has many problems for instance sometimes you might realize that themachine can overheat, that is because the person who would use the machine hasbeen using it for a long period of time and that would cause it to overheat. anotherexample is that the blade in the machine can be wrong for the job so you willhave to make sure that you are using the right blade for the job.

Disadvantage.Generally,the scroll saw can have different blades which can for the most part cutthrough wood, plastic metal and glass these are the advantages that are on thescroll saw. It can cut up to a thickness of 2inch woodscrollsaw is the next machine that is important in the workshop. The advantages of ascroll saw is an electric powered saw that has ability to cut and make theinterior cut outs in the wood. The functioning of a scroll saw is much morefaster and cuts much more accurate than the hand operated machines. It also hasa system that makes the machine vibration free which has a powerful motor withvarying speed controls and designed double parallel link arm.

when the saw iskept very quiet and nearly no vibration at hole it enables the operator to cutmuch more easily and accurately because the blade is kept perpendicular whichhelps it to avoid under or over or cutting. The machine also has got a speed controlwhich helps the operator to control the speed of the saw.Advantages   in termsof what is a scroll saw, it is a small pedal or electric operated saw generallyused to cut small intricate curves in metal, wood and other materials. Becauseof its sharp and fine blade if you were to compare it to a power jigsaw thescroll saw can cut more delicately, and it can cut more effortlessly than ahand coping saw. Scroll saw                                                                                           figure 2    Anotherdisadvantage would be that the time it can take for someone to learn to operatethe machine.

The reasoning of this disadvantage is because that the person thatwould be learning on how to operate would need to learn about all the safetyprocedures for the machine and then start learning about how to operate themachine. Thereare many more disadvantages however while operating the bandsaw machine, youshould always follow the health and safety guidelines to ensure that no damageis done to the person operating the machine or anyone around the machine.-         If there is someone with long hair the risk could be that theperson hair can be caught to the blade.-         If the person wearing a tie while operating with the band sawmachine the risk would be strangulation-         Risk of Fingers getting caught between blades Oneof the major disadvantages of using a bandsaw would be as the following Disadvantages of the bandsaw someof the major advantages of using a band saw is that a band saw can cut through mostof materials, for instance it can cut though timber and woods and many morematerials. Another advantage of using a band saw is that it is equipped with amiter gauge and a rip fence and many more, as these features would help you tomake a straight cut when needed. A band saw contains narrow blades as thatwould be a major advantage because it will help to reduce waste, as a widerblade would give a lot of wastage because it would eat more materials. Advantages of Band Saw Generally,to use a bandsaw machine you should always firstly position the blade of thebandsaw ¼ inch above the piece that is being used (if needed you can adjust ita little higher). Once you have positioned the blade you should usually set thespeed that is necessary on the horizontal band sawing machine.

Now you would beset to go so all that is left is for you to start the machine and start cuttingyour workpiece. How to use the band saw machine                                                              figure 1

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