In level. The aforementioned interests were developed from

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Last updated: April 22, 2019

Intoday’s world, enormous financial and economic activity has caused wealth beingamassed and destroyed on a huge scale in different parts of the world. Thisdynamic has resulted from the globalization and structural changes in developedand emerging markets.

The 2008 crisis in financial markets and the globalgeopolitical situation have brought it with challenges, which require increaseddepth and understanding of the rapidly changing financial markets and globaleconomic conditions. I believe this backdrop requires me to further my academicstudies in the fields of corporate finance and wealth management.Mylong-term career goal is to become a successful consultant in the fields offinance and management. I have had a strong interest in finance and consulting,and I hope to achieve this goal after a number of years of experience as asuccessful analyst.

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In addition, I plan to pursue the CFA and have successfullypassed the CFA Level I in Dec 2016. Within the field of Finance, I am mostinterested in topics ranging from valuation, security analysis, and riskmanagement. In particular, I find the different valuation techniques fromdiscounted cash flow models (DCF), comparable valuation, and leverage buyoutvaluation important to study from both a theoretical and practical level.

Theaforementioned interests were developed from the full-time internship within aconsulting firm, the CFA Challenge Competition at university, as well as myundergraduate courses in corporate finance, derivatives, and investment. Duringmy internship at Accenture, I assisted the consulting analyst to create a”three statement financial model” for the client, in order to improve thecompany’s financial management. I gained practical skills from analysing thecompany and building the model. Furthermore, the fast-paced, high-pressureenvironment I experienced also provided me with the opportunity to work onlarge data sets using Excel.

This furthered my interest in pursuing a financecareer. The CFA Challenge Competition I participated in during my third yearalso invigorated my interest in finance. I used various financial researchtools, such as Capital IQ, Bloomberg, FactSet, and Thomson Reuters, to conductindustry research and financial statement analysis of the target company. Ifurther developed my analytical skills through applying the DCF model andcomparable approach to value the company. To achieve my goals, I seek to deepen myknowledge in the related areas. The London Business School Masters inManagement program will provide me with an opportunity to deepen my understandingof finance and business in a more meaningful way, and in an environment whichwill be academically challenging and allow me to develop further.

The class ofMasters in Management is international and well diversified. Being surroundedby multi-national individuals will allow for an exchange of views and ideasthat would benefit all parties. The courses it offers, such as CorporateFinance, Financial Accounting, and Global Economy, are vital for a career infinance.Also, the integrated modules it offers will provideme with a comprehensive, broad perspective on business, and the GlobalImmersion Field Trip and Live Business Project will allow me to gain practicalunderstanding to apply my knowledge in real-world situations. Additionally, Iwill be well positioned to take advantage of its excellent reputation andstrong alumni network

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