In measures to protect public health and safety.

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In conclusion, the chain of responsibility when dealingwith a terrorist attack; whether it involves an IED, bomb or other weapons,goes to state and local governments. The federal government will provide assistancedepending the nature of the incident and whether they have exhausted allrecourses.

It is important for all agencies to practice good interagencycommunication, execute adequate training and review plans to ensure theymeasure up to the current threats America faces. From the lowest level to thehigher agencies, our preparation is vital to prevent future deaths and injurieson American soil by those who wish to harm our country. The federal government alsoresponds to terrorist’s attacks and further divides the efforts into crisis management and consequence management. Similarto the events of the World Trade Center bombing in 1993 and the September 11thterrorists attack, crisis management in short terms, means going after thecriminals in order to prevent additional terrorist acts from being carried out.More importantly, to eliminate them as a threat to society. Crisis management isheaded by The Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Consequencemanagement includes the measures to protect public health and safety.

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It restoresessential government services, and provides emergency relief to governments andindividuals, during and post attacks. The lead agency for consequencemanagement is the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The Federal Bureau of Investigation’sjob is notify the president of the United States and the National SecurityCouncil to inform them of their response and their involvement in the saidincident.

In addition, the FBI consistently coordinates and disseminates all intelligence,information to local law enforcement agencies in order to maintain situational awarenessand maintain successful interagency relationships and coordination. It isimportant that the FBI provides intelligence information of terrorist, criminalthreats all threats in general, to local agencies in order to prevent future attacks,spread intelligence information in order for everyone to maintain situationalawareness on all details as they come along. Good communication amongst allresponding agencies is crucial, especially before any significant incidentoccurs. The exercise of delivering good information allows for training,preparedness and all agencies remaining vigilant while sharing information.In an event such as the bombing of several train/ subwaystations within New York City, government officials will react and provideassistance with their available recourses. With a significant terrorist attack,the Mayor has the option to seek out to the Governor and State Government forassistance. The Mayor will continue to provide assistance in the recovery ofthe incident.

  In addition, the Governorhas the option to utilize the National Guard in order to assist the community. TheGovernor may further seek assistance from the Federal Bureau of Investigationin order to obtain federal assistance, especially after all available resourceshave been expended. There are several threatsthat are imposed upon the United States which create serious concerns andthreats to our everyday life. Discontent and violent domestic and internationalindividuals and groups are more than willing to create mass casualties andfurther cause harm towards the public and all responders. In the event of a terroristattack, the first responders in any emergency is the city which includes thefire department, emergency medical personnel and police.

Upon their arrival tothe scene/ attack, their job is to assist those that are injured as a result ofthe attack that took place as well as rescuing people and identifying thedeceased. In addition, they secure the scene and suppress fires, if it applies.They assume responsibility in restoring the area and control the situation byall legal means. Local fireman, police and EMS work hand in hand to assist thecommunity as best as they can with all available resources along with theassistance of state government officials.  Earlier this morning at rush hour in New York City, terrorists remotelyexploded several IEDs located in different stops in the subway system. Tenexplosions rocked through three commuter trains during the morning rush, at0600, 5 January, 2018. Information by local authorities indicate the explosionswere caused by homemade bombs made from bags stuffed with explosives and metalfragments.

In addition, cell phones with timers were used to detonate theseexplosive devices. The attack, which was carried out by violent Islamistextremists, killed at least 100 people and leaving more seriously injured.  The chain of events initiated a quickreaction by the local and state governments; including local law enforcement(police), Emergency Management S and fire department in the response measures.  Department of Homeland Security (DHS), FederalBureau of investigation.  Subway Attack

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