In model, staffs are paid through a central developed

In chapter 13, organizing andmanaging fundraising staff. The book discussed about the basic models for organizingdevelopment staff and possible motivation for fundraising staffs. The three basicsmodels for organizing staffs includes; centralized, decentralized and hybridmodels. In a centralized model, staffs are paid through a central developedbudget and must report ultimately to the chief development officer. In adecentralized model, staffs are paid through unit budget, report to the head ofindividual units and are hired by those individual units. And the third model isthe hybrid model. The hybrid model is the combination of both centralized anddecentralized.

Worth also talked about the X and Y theory. the X theory definedpeople as been lazy and the Y theory defined people as self-motivated people(Worth pg. ). According to Worth, people are motivated by their psychologicalneeds. He also made a reference to all the different types of motivation discussedin chapter 3. Chapter 14 discusses legal andethical consideration. Worth discussed some of the legal requirements that arerelated to fundraising and some ethical issues fundraiser faced.

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Hementioned that, it will be useful for nonprofit organizations to adopt a set ofprinciples to guide the organization’s decision making and activities. Honesty,transparency, and confidentiality, are examples of values that should be expressedin a charitable nonprofit’s code of ethics. He talked about how nonprofits needto be honest and transparent with their donors concerning if a gift mad can be deductibleor not and follow policies concerning donors privacy and security information. Healso mentioned that, organizations should not accept gifts made with illegalmoney. ¬†Different ethical codes andfundraising practices can be found at AFP code of ethical principles and standardsand Donors bill of rights. According to Worth, when organizations maintainsethical standards, they are more likely to be funded by donors. This is why itis important for nonprofits to maintain fundraising policies and ethics.


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