In modified bacteria in the process. This can

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Inconclusion I have learned that genetic engineering can be transferred fromdifferent organisms into bacteria then stored and modified, creating geneticallymodified bacteria in the process. This can be extremely helpful to farmers whenit comes to creating bacteria being resistant to certain viruses, which farmerscan spray over fields of crop making them resistant to many of the viruses suchas Tungro whichis one of the most destructive virus diseases to effect rice crops.

Thisdisease affects all growth stages of the rice plant so causes devastation whenit is spread across the rice crop, due to them being so close to each other sothe virus can destroy a whole field within a week.   One of the best-known applications of genetic engineering is the creation ofgenetically modified food. This allows poor people in LEDC’s to take in manydifferent nutrients in with one bite of food instead of spending money they don’thave on food they can’t afford, this scientific miracle has allowed thousandsto be saved from malnourishment and hunger. GeneticEngineering is a great importance because the vast use of it in differentmedical fields. Genetic engineering is used to produce mass amounts of medicinesuch as insulin, human growth hormones, Follistim human albumin, monoclonalantibodies, Antihemophilic factors, vaccines and other medical drugs which arein demand. Some diseases can kill hundreds overnight so mass production of medicinecountering these diseases is important and now possible due to genetic engineeringand has saved hundreds of lives.

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  Futureapplications of genetic engineering can be expected to be a fruitful one as We can expect to see beneficial effects in agriculture, engineeringcrops to endure better the effects of climate change and rely less on sprayingcrops with pesticides hoping for the best due to crops increasingly beingengineered to resist pathogens most likely to affect them.Genes play a role in a wide range of diseases. Editing and engineeringgenes opens up the door for people to have personalized medicine, tailored to everyone’sown DNA which is hard at the moment due to everyone having different and uniqueDNAs. With regards to industrial applications then genetically engineeredmicrobes in contained systems produce everything from medicines to biofuels sothe possibilities are practically endless.  

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