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Last updated: May 18, 2019

In this day party tourism is one of the mostpopular destinations where everyone goes for different purposes that could befor music, or for different deals that the package has. This packages are mostof time sold to young people that can make them high risk because most of themtend to use drugs or exaggerating with alcohol especially youth traveller fromEuropean resorts that advert blackouts, injuries, vandalism and sexual risk andassault. This can deal to different ways that has negativity to it.  There are many places in the Mediterraneanthat have to compact with this but as well in the whole world. Cyprus and Ibizaare known as the capital of clubbing and also start to have some issue ofhealth and also for local people are afraid about themselves of what thisholidays are bringing in. Alcohol and drugs are the most items to be consumedby young in clubbing. Most of the clubbing takes part in different part of theworld and the most important places that have been this package holidays beenused primarily is the Mediterranean such as Ibiza and Mallorca after that isGreece, Turkey, Egypt and etc.  Among the most well-known destinations,Spain’s Balearic Islands in specific have been popular for international andnational travel and have been getting large numbers of club-goers.

This marketsare an ambiance of leisure and pleasure this include sites round theMediterranean where sun and sea are secure and where it ‘well-knownwith a reputation for excellent food, accompanied by unlimited wine’. Going naked in the streets has became normalin this days, because nakedness offers a self-possession, to broke presence, inthis other words. Ibiza has a highsexual action that was dignifiedthrough questions by asking the number and type of sexual partners casual workers had whilst in Ibiza; their use ofcontraception with these partners where they had it with no protection aseverywhere else that has this parties going on. Increases inclubbing destinations represent a response to the immense growth in sensation-seekingyouth travellers creating primarily in the UK and Scandinavian that they travelto this Mediterranean country for warm weather and for the purpose of clubbing.Have been a lot of opportunity for this young people to go there more than onceand is that they can find low cost of air travel. Some research that have beendone says that young people understanding in excessive alcohol consumption, orthe constant of partying and sexual risk behaviour that they have at home theytry to do it again in this vacation.  Women are more targetby the sex because they establish relationship so quickly with the new partnerthat have an important impact as sexual risk.

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While on holiday, travellers maytake part in sexual activities not only with each other, but also with staff,strippers, and sex-workers. Youth travel in many contexts has been examined in rapportsof its health-risk intentions and behaviours as well as the role of advertisingin the selling of carefree holidays. Tourists are often sold images ofdestinations immersed in the usual sun, sea, sand, and sex with the addition offeelings. Young adults’ engagement in risk behaviours, particularly in riskladen environments, can lead to tragic consequences.

This populationhas been related with dangerous activities such as extreme alcohol andentertaining drug use, which then lead to physical risk-taking such as jumpingfrom hotel balconies, violent behaviours such as sexual assault, fights, anddriving while intoxicated leading to fatal accidents. Cyprus was transformedfrom an agricultural region into a growing resort catering to a mass tourismmainly for young people that are seeking nightlife experiences.  Cyprus exactly inAyia Napa’s has a life nightlife and clubbing tourism has been as the mostpopular destination, but present multiple of high risks for young adults andthat make increase the vulnerability of foreign youth travellers and locals toalcohol bingeing drug use, STI and HIV. This package holidays have several boatclubbing that makes stopping along the Mediterranean that offer differentactivities such as DJs, party games, drinking, dancing and this sometimes lastsfrom 9 to 11 and they only charged €4 whichinclude only one drink.

Theseparties, which usually conclude the day’s and evening’s partying activitiesinvolve heavy drinking, dancing and are often viewed as sex parties at hotelrooms, pool sides at hotel or apartment hot tubs and garden areas. After fewhours of sleep the activities starts again in the morning with drinking againalcohol or different activities that hotel offer or comes along with thepackage. Cyprus was categorizing as public and health risk.

  The most obvious health risks were related toexcessive drinking over the course of the individual’s vacation, often leadingto passing out, sickness from alcohol used and mixed with other ingredients,and even leading at times to hospital visits due to alcohol poisoning. Otherindividual health risks include having sex with strangers, sex with multiplepartners, and unprotected sex that makes a person to catch some sort ofinfection that can have for the rest of their life or attach to someone else.In conclusion this party tourism holidays have cause many issues for thecountry that has been affecting the local people by been scared, and not livingtheir own life and have to deal with young people from other countries withtheir misbehaviour.  These problemsreached everyone and everywhere and people still don’t really know howto deal with it but in the same time this tourism parties brings incomesometimes to private and non-provide company.

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