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In the novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, the top three issues addressed in the novel are the negative effects of censorship of books, the relational gaps created due to technology, and  . The first major issue that Bradbury addressed was the negative impact the censorship of books had on the people in Montag’s society.

The banning of books allowed technology like television to replace them causing people to become ignorant of their surroundings. The valuable knowledge that books had to offer was being burned by the firemen in their society. In doing so, their society that once used to run on thought and questions was losing its ability to grow and learn through the exchange of ideas.

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The people in Montag’s society were now viewing the world through a veil with the truth hidden behind it. The true consequences of ignoring the events that were happening in the world could only be seen if that veil, which is technology, was lifted. While technology was blinding the people from seeing the truth, it was also creating voids in the relations that people had with each other. This is clearly seen in the relationship that Montag has with Mildred. Mildred is dedicated to talking with the family in her parlor and always has a seashell buzzing in her ear.

She fails to realize that Montag wanted to be able to understand the meaning behind their relationship. This shows how Bradbury was making the point that relationships were losing in importance to technology as it was starting to desensitize the people. It gave them an illusion, but not the demand of companionship. In other words, technology does not require anything from the person that uses it, but rather provides them an illusion of having a friend that listens. Relationships, however, require attention and demand that time must be spent with one another to make sure that they don’t fall apart. At that point, technology alleviates that demand and allows the person who uses the technology to put their attention where they want it to be put thus limiting the time they spend in their relationships.

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