In of France.” The Napoleonic Code may have

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In conclusion, Napoleon was a tyrant. He believed that there were no boundaries on his power, so he attacked everywhere, and relied on only one essential tactical strategy to win battles: it was to get an advantage quickly and then provide peace. In his Egyptian campaign, he fled after his fleet was damaged.

 Like the Egyptian campaign, he fled and left his Grand Army when it was defeated in Russia. Around 600,000 French soldiers were sent to the Russian campaign, but only 9000 came back home safely! Napoleon’s fall was caused by himself since he made several mistakes that only a tyrant would think of indeed! He wanted to rule the world, so he states “I wanted to rule the world, and in order to do this I needed unlimited power… I wanted to rule the world, who wouldn’t have in my place? The world begged me to govern it.”  This shows the cruelty of Napoleon and his hunger for absolute power. Furthermore, Napoleon did not allow any nations to be ruled by native governments.  He thought that doing so might cause a revolt, so he himself chose the rulers of those nations.

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This caused a loss of culture in many countries! He wanted a government ruled for the people, not ruled by the people. He had sole control of his empire and he considered himself over the people. He once said, “I am the state— I alone am here the representative of the people. France has more need of me than I of France.

” The Napoleonic Code may have abolished the old feudalism ways, but it only benefited the men, and actually made the inequality of men and women worse. He failed to improve the conditions of the poor and focused directly on the middle-class people. The promises of freedom he made in his code never actually took place.

 He would use that freedom thought to only increase the morals of our soldiers and win more battles. These are the reasons why our “hero” turned out to be a tyrant in the end.

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