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Last updated: February 11, 2019

In this age, where books take a new form: ebooks. These books revolutionize the way reading is, allowing a lot of books to be kept in one place. However, many still prefer to have a copy of physical books on their hand. I believe that books will not die off in the near future, as they are accessible easily, comes in all shapes and sizes and finally they allow us to truly focus. Books are accessible as almost every country has a library that is free to use and borrow.

Hence it allows many to borrow and also use it. However an eBook has limits as there are limited places we can read them on, and nothing that will be exactly as how we use a book on. A book on the other hand is real and will never go away, and there is no specific equipment necessary to use to read it. Therefore I believe that it will not die off too in the near future. They comes in all shapes and sizes.

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If you look at the books, there are many kinds. There are small pocket books which can fit into anywhere and suitable to carry around for them to do as they wish. Down children’s books can be large as well as having a special design. Some books are tailored specifically to a certain target and the designers out a lot of time into them. However, an eBook does not have the same situation.

We are unable o feel the design of a cover which can be very very specified. Some will enjoy this while some will now, but there will always be people who do. Hence, I do not think it is likely to die out soon.

 Books allow us to truly focus as having almost the world on our fingertips as it is only one at a time. As compared to ebooks which can be stored on a phone and swapped for another book at our whim. This can suggest that once we are bored we will change.

Moreover, there will be books that we will never finish for there are too many distractions. Hence I believe that it will fully allow us to focus on our own. Will books ever die out? It is unlikely, people still express a love for the real and physical book, and many still want to hold that book. Although eBook is still easy to store but it cannot be in bulk for it may take up a lot of space.

Hence, I believe that it will not die out in the near future. In conclusion, I believe that real books will not die out in the near future, but ebooks will likely take over as the main form of reading 

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