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 In this reflective essay, I will be talking aboutwhat is teamwork and how the process of working collaboratively as a group ofpeople to achieve a common goal. Our common goal as a group was to achieve thebest grade we could get and by doing that we had to communicate well as a groupwhich is the main skill to do well. I will also be mentioning Tuckman’s theoryon how teams perform and how the theory is used in the presentation also mentioningBelbin theory on team roles. I will be using Kolb’s Learning Cycle, the fourstages which is a theory which debates we learn from our experiences of life andcan be an everyday basis.  To work well together successfully, the members ofthe group must demonstrate a sense of agreement. Following skills such as trustand support are needed when working in a group.

Trusting one another can helpothers share their own ideas and feelings towards the presentation topic, andsupporting one another showing team loyalty and help those members who areexperiencing difficulties and working together on that problem. Looking atTuckman’s theory who has identified four stages which are Forming StormingNorming Preforming showing that to achieve and succeed the group goal we had tocomplete these four stages to accomplish it. Forming the group was easy-goingas we all were positive and polite towards each other. This time is spent onplanning and collecting information for the group work. Next is storming, manyteams fail at this stage but in my group, there was no conflicts between teammembers as we all spoke through the task together and didn’t have anydisagreements with each other.

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In this stage, it is important that a team has astrong facilitative leadership this ensuring that the team self-esteem remainshigh and that the members are motivated to perform well. Third is norming, thisis where everyone agrees on the rules and principles by which we all operated.As said before we didn’t have any disagreements with anything therefore we allfollowed the rules that were made. Also, the leader of the group could stepback at this stage as the rest of the members take their own responsibility andknows what they need to do to complete their part of the work.

The final stageis performing, this is where the focus on both the task and on the teamrelationship combine to provide the overall work. This is to finalise the work andachieve the results we all want as a team. Using Kolb’s learning cycle, whilst doing thepresentation as a group we all contributed and had equal roles when presentingand the questions were all answered when we got asked.  Belbin studied teamwork for many years and heobserved that people in terms tend to assume different meanings of team roles.He described a team role as “a tendency to behave, contribute and interrelatewith others in a particular way.” He suggests that understanding your rolewithin your team, can develop your strengths and manage they weaknesses as ateam member, contributing to the team.

 The strengths were we all worked well as a team, good communication andappropriate leadership. The only weakness was we didn’t do any regular meetingsin person a lot to talk about our work, but we did in fact message each other alot on a group chat that was made to communicate our ideas. The experience ofworking as a group was helpful as I will be adding what I have learnt forexample being patient with others, listening to everyone’s ideas and thoughtsand learnt why groups make better decisions than individuals. I believe thatgroups do work better together as we all put our input on what we are workingon and help one another. This is all a cycle that repeats again and again, Itook the experiences I had with other group work which I have worked withbefore this presentation and used it in this, such as being wise on picking themembers I wanted to join as in my previous presentation they weren’t reliableas they didn’t focus and contribute to the work. From this presentation, theexperiences I got from it as written above was helpful for other presentationsand this will be going around repeating itself for future group work.  In conclusion, my understanding from this is how towork as a team and how good teamwork can also benefit as an individual too. Ifeel this presentation helped me improve the skills I already had, weaknessfrom past presentations and the strengths I already had I contributed to thispresentation.

For future group works I will use the new skills I have learntand add them to the skills I already have. I understand the theories I also includedand how they all reflect on everyday life experiences. 

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