In our country, Call centers or BPO industry is

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Last updated: September 11, 2019

In our country, Call centers or BPO industry is one of the leading industry that gives work to every Filipino, as long as they are good in English communication skills, college graduate or had certificate whether you had experience or in relation with call center. But working in a call center has been criticized for many reasons one of which is their lifestyles.        Lifestyle is pertained to the characteristics of inhabitants of a region in special place and time. It involves day to day functions and behaviours of individuals in job, activities, fun and diet. (Furhud, 2015)        In a call center industry, their lifestyle is changed and challenged by different problems that affect their wellness. It includes their sleep quality, food habits and addictions, social life and physical and mental health. Call center agents’ have trouble getting the right amount of sleep especially if they are in graveyard shift. In order to survive with that schedule, smoking, drinking coffee and eating processed convenience food became the solution.

       In addition, since most BPO companies are located in Commercialized business distinct, that are, ofcourse, surrounded with food places, restaurants, convenience stores, coffee shops and malls. Mostly, it happened that the Agents would be drawn into consuming packed meals, fast foods and instant meals. Some agents, really don’t have the appetite to eat full course meal, so they tend selfie with biscuits, sodas, chips, and junk foods. So basically, call center agents are prone to bad eating habits.        Another part of lifestyle of the call center agents is their “Purchases”. Since they have higher salary than other leveling jobs, it opens to the fact that the world of “Shopping” is bound to lure them. They tend to buy anything they want because after all, it’s their hard-earned money. Things such as brand new phones, postpaid cards, new sets of shirts and dresses, shoes, and anything that can satisfy their needs will surely be the cause for their pockets to drain too fast.

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        Let’s not also forget their “dress code”. Most agents havea collection of different clothes on their closets that are fit for many occasions, reason is that, working in a BPO company quietly demands the Agents to have many sets of pair of attire in order for then to have something to wear on a daily basis.        In the end of the day, there’s also one lifestyle habit that most Call Center Agents dwell into. That is, none other than, free time and relaxation. Since working on a BPO company (especially if the Agents is on a graveyard shift) hires them out and exhausts them physically, emotionally and mentally.      So tendency is that, they spend time to relax, watch couple of movies, rest wholefully at home, have some shopping spree then sleep.

However for some other agents – they usually spend the end of their shifts in clubs, bars, and motels too. Some would even go to exclusive cinemas to watch their most awaited blockbusters while some go to faraway places during day offs, and spend a short vaction.

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