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In the play “Hamlet” is revenge justified? In the article Revenge: Will You Feel Better? They define revenge as to avenge (as oneself) usually by retaliating in kind or degree to inflict injury in return of something. In many cases the revenge isn’t justified but in many cases it is, like in Hamlet’s case revenge is justified. Hamlet’s revenge is justified for many reasons one of the reasons being Claudius murdered his father.

In the beginning of the play Horatio lets Hamlet Jr know that he has seen Hamlet Srs ghost floating around the castle, when Hamlet Jr goes to talk to the ghost he learns that his father didn’t die from a snake bite, but from Claudius pouring poison into his ear it was also at this time where the ghost of hamlet sr ask for Hamlet Jr to avenge him..I would consider this a justification because his dead father’s ghost told him he was murdered and asked him, his son to avenge him, which is common for a son to do in that day in age. Another argument Hamlet’s revenge is justified is because not even a month after his father’s death, his mother and Claudius were married and his mother wasn’t mourning but was in love. In the play we see the wedding of Gertrude and Claudius, and you can see that Gertrude isn’t upset one bit but is acting all giddy and in love.

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This would be justification because it’s not enough that he killed Hamlet’s father, but he also went on to marry his mother, already we are getting the vibe that Claudius is power hungry. Although some would say Hamlet’s revenge isn’t justified because revenge is just a “continuous loop”. In the article: “Revenge And The People Who Seek It” Michael price said, ” Revenge instead of helping  you move on with your life it can leave you dwelling on the situation and remaining unhappy” Although some say that and eye for an eye will leave the world blind, but you can’t just let someone do things like murder someone to try and become powerful, so I would say from all the wrongdoings of Claudius that Hamlet’s fall of 1961, under pressure from the Kennedy administration, the Interstate Commerce Commission issued regulations prohibiting segregation in interstate transit terminals.let’s revenge is justified. My final argument for Hamlet’s revenge being justified is Claudius tried to poison Hamlet through a drink while he was sword fighting with Laertes and ends up poisoning Gertrude.

In the play when hamlet and  Laertes are sword fighting, Claudius proposes a toast to Hamlet secretly putting poison in his drink hoping that hamlet would drink it, but when Hamlet starts winning Gertrude gets excited and ends up drinking Hamlet’s drink and ends up dying right there. This would be justified because in the article: ” Revenge: Will You Feel Better?” Mario Gollwitzer described the “”understand hypothesis” as re-establishing justice”, where understanding hypothesis is when the offender must know the connection between the original insult and the retaliation, because before Hamlet kills Claudius he asks who had poisoned his mother and Laertes had told him it was Claudius So in conclusion Hamlet’s revenge is justified by all the wrongdoings of Claudius, him killing hamlet’s father, then marrying his mother, than when Hamlet was starting to catch on her tried to get rid of him than finally after trying to poison hamlet he ended up poisoning Gertrude. So what all this added up it would have to be considered justified.

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