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In today’s world, schooling plays an important role.

In fact,an educated individual is an asset to any nation. Our awareness is deepened andour vision is expanded through education. Thus, the students’ academicachievements must be considered important, since they are the future builders.  It is our parents and teachers’ efforts whichmake us a well educated person and consequently, home can be the primary placewhere education begin. Many studies have shown the significant influence ofsocioeconomic status  on studentachievement (Coleman, et al., 1966; Lee, Bryk, & Smith, 1993).  Besides, parents’ educational level has beenseen as one of the most stable criteria of Socio-Economic Status (SES) (Sirin,2005).

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Indeed, what parents do has a vital effect not only on the childacademic achievement, but also on their development (Cornell & Gross,1987).  According to  Davis-Kean, (2005), educational level ofparents affects children educational and behavioral outcomes. As Eccles &Kean (2005) state, it is the education that helps parents broaden theirknowledge of parenting and influences the parents-children interactions athome. So, what seems to be between parents’ educational level and the child’sachievement is the factor of parents’ involvement. Khajehpour (2011) says thesignificant element which affects a child’s education positively is parentalinvolvement. Actually, the more parents are involved in their children’slearning process; the more beneficial and fruitful are the achievement effects(Cotton and Wikelund, 2005). Parental involvement can consist of differentactivities such as having discussions about what children have learned atschool or in private institutes which they attend, helping them in doing theirhomework, spending time with them, providing them with some extra-curricularactivities, etc. According to Eccles (2005), different methods are utilized byeducated parents so as to help their children and to open up variousopportunities for them.

Highly educated parents in the US, for example, try toenroll their children in different classes such as music, computer, science,and even educational summer camps. Children are also provided with tutoringhelp if they face difficulty in some lessons. Academic achievement can alsoinclude different types in different fields such as achieving good scores atschool or in private institutes, getting qualifications for a profession, etc.

Itcan be inferred that children of highly educated parents can experience abetter learning environment. Ignoring the type of involvement, many studieshave shown the positive correlation between this factor and students’ academicachievement (Muola, 2010). The point which can be induced is that differentarticles have studied  either theinfluence of parental education on children’s academic achievement or therelation between the amount of parental involvement and children’s academicachievement; therefore, it seems to be more practical if the involvementvariable is considered as a moderator and as a result these three variables arestudied together.

It is assumed that highly educated parents have more accessto resources, a better income, community contacts, etc. In addition, theireducation has had effects on their beliefs, values and goals in life and aboutchild rearing so they pay more attention to their children and their child’sachievements can be one of the outcomes.  It can be also useful to study these variablesout of home and school and pay attention to other places where children attendsuch as private institutes. Objectives of this study:i.                   To demonstrate the correlation between the parents’ level of educationand the amount of their involvement in helping children with learning a foreignlanguage (English).ii.                 To demonstrate the correlation between the level of parents’ involvementand their children’s language achievement in a private language academy.

iii.               Ultimately, to investigate the effect of parental education on theirchildren’s language achievement and determine its significance.iv.              To recommend some solutions for the probable problems and the bettermentof children’s language learning, considering parents’ involvement.

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