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Last updated: August 31, 2019

In my home country, Bangladesh, competition and standardisation are the salient features ofthe education system, which made me believe for more than a decade that such a systemflawlessly measures student performance and is the best way to ensure the highest learningoutcomes.But the book “Finnish Lessons” by Dr Pasi Sahlberg had a profound impact on how I havethought about education for long. The highly informative book that comes with great detail onthe Finnish education system opened my eyes to the wonderful concept of equity, which Ifound to be a very powerful feature that can significantly improve an education system andproduce surprising results.I have never been happy with the rigorous Bangladeshi education system, which does notmake learning a fun experience, employs fear as a key element of getting students to learnand uses test scores as the only criterion for measuring student performance. I have long hadthe feeling that our education system should undergo large-scale reforms and that I couldplay a role in the process.This was one reason why, after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in electronics andtelecommunication engineering in 2012, I began working as a journalist, the other being mypassion for writing. Words are massively powerful tools for bringing about changes and Iwanted to use writing to make that happen in education.But this was when I decided to pursue a postgraduate degree in education as I realised that Ilack in-depth knowledge of educational theories, research and practices, and that I cannot domuch without thorough understanding of these.

I have focused on writing about education forthe last few months, and have sent one of my published articles along with the applicationdocuments.So far, I have written more than 20 bylined articles in English and Bengali, and 12 of thosehave been published in the Dhaka Tribune. The articles can be found presently work at two media organisations. My morning job is at, abilingual online newspaper where I have been working as a sub-editor since December 2013.Here my primary role is to translate Bengali reports into English.

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Also, in the evening, I work in the central news desk at the Dhaka Tribune, a national Englishdaily where I have been employed since March 2014. At the Dhaka Tribune, I have to write oredit reports on politics and other daily events.What made me interested in applying to this university is the opportunity to undertakeeducational research. I want to equip myself with scientific knowledge of education andeducational practices, which will later help me gain necessary research skills. I am alsointerested in broadly understanding how education systems vary among countries and whatID:UAF1602527 6 / 9Any attempts to modify this Application Form will be considered as forgery of an official document.

can be learned from the top-performing nations.I have two key reasons for applying to the programme: First, I want to get a first-handexperience of how an equity-oriented education system improves learning. Finland thusbecame a natural choice for me.Second, I believe collaborative learning will be the dominant feature of education in thefuture, and I want to see how Finland has implemented this feature.My steadfast future plan is to continue my studies in education at the doctoral level. Later, Iwant to work in the field of educational research, with a sharp focus on planning educationreforms.

I want to write books on how education can be improved in a global context, andalso publish scholarly articles on this in reputed journals.Moreover, during my master’s programme, I have plans to write a book on the Finnisheducation system, detailing the significance of equity to improve education, with the help ofmy teachers. I hope to publish the book in Finland before completing my master’s degree.I hope you will offer me a place in the programme considering my future plan and also mycommitment to work in the field of education.

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