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In1959 Cambodian government has filed the case in International Court of Justiceabout the illegal control of Thailand government over Preah Vihear. After that,ICJ has called both conflicting parties to the court to show their evidence ofclaiming over Preah Vihear temple. Even though Cambodia and Thailand are theparties of 1904 and 1907 treaty, but they have different perspective toward thePreah Vihear case. For Cambodia perspective, they argued that Preah Viheartemple was under the sovereignty of Cambodia that has decided by the Cambodianand Thailand Mixed Delimitation Commission (Katelin, 2009). On February 13,1904 Thailand and French government has signed a treaty called Franco-SiameseMixed Commission that talk about the location of Preah Vihear. During thattime, Cambodia government under the protectoral of French colonial.

Moreover,in 1904 treaty has drawn the boundary line of Dangrek mountain that includePreah Vihear temple (Saikia, 2012). In 1907 therewas the latest round meeting between French and Thailand that focus about themap that French government has drawn and send it to Thai government in 1907 tospecified Preah Vihear location. Based on the Annex I map that has drawn byFrench expert, Cambodia side stated that the location of Preah Vihear temple isfully under Cambodia territory.

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In contrast, Thailand government reject all thestatement that claim by Cambodia government, especially about the Annex I mapthat claim by representative of Cambodia. They argued that the Annex I map hasnot been accepted by the First Franco-Siamese Mixed Commission in 1904 (Sophanny, 2014). Annex I map thattalk about the location of Preah Vihear has never officially accepted by the Thailand government. Becausethe maps received from French official were only seen by minor officials whohad no expertise in cartography (Thailand Forum, n.d.).

Therefore, the representative of Thailand governmentalso claims that the Annex I map that was include in French-Siamese treaty in1904 is no jurisdiction over the Thailand government to perform theirobligation to accept the temple is under Cambodia territorial control. Moreover, the map has an errorabout the deviation from the watershed (Bora, 2009).EvenThailand is the member of United Nations but Thailand did not fully accept thecompulsory jurisdiction of ICJ.  Last butnot least, both parties have their own stand in this case and the conflict hassolve by an international court. 

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