In that I’m to be a homophobe or

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Last updated: July 19, 2019

In most Disney movies you would see the occasional hidden mickey or a hidden Disney character in. But behind the storyline and the super catchy J-Pop tunes, Wreck-it-Ralph has a dark secret. They were hidden LGBT references all through the movie and it definitely what I was expecting from a Disney movie. In one of the scenes the main character Ralph talks about the how King of Candy’s palace is very pink. Ralph, making conversation, say’s “I see you’re a fan of pink”. King Candy is offended by that comment and responds by saying “It’s Salmon, it’s obviously salmon, pink would have been a bad choice for a palace made of candy.

” Even though that had little hints of being gay, I let that one slide because my kids wouldn’t have realised the gay connotations. In the next scene, Ralph grabs King Candy, shakes him, and calls him a “nelly wafer” (like a Nilla Wafer). Most kids watching the movie wouldn’t know what it means, but I did. For people who don’t know, when entered into Google, the definition is: “Offensive Slang: Used as a disparaging term for an effeminate homosexual man.” I was so close to walking out of the theatre but since I was with my children I had to retrain self-control, so I just had to shut my mouth and let it slide again. At the end of the movie Ralph says goodbye to Vanellope Von Schweetz and I was happy to say goodbye to this horrible movie. Of course my kids loved the movie, but I came out of the theatre burning. Why would Disney put LGBT references in a children’s movie? What should have been enjoyable movie experience for me was ruined by gay innuendos and sexual references.

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It’s not that I’m to be a homophobe or something it’s just that I don’t want my kids to be introduced to LGBT references at such a young age. LGBT references were not in the lovely Disney movies that I watched when I was growing up and I don’t see why my children need to be exposed to these today. I also don’t understand why people want LGBT Disney characters in movies/tv shows.

There’s really no point, Disney represents classic ideals and old fashioned values not the new age. Take Snow White for example: Evil Queen: tries to kill princess, scheming, jealous and cruel.Snow White: beautiful, helpless, in need of rescue (by a man). The Prince: handsome, brave, powerful and in search of a woman who is beautiful (no other attributes necessary).Wreck-it-Ralph didn’t even end up marrying Vanellope Von Schweetz.

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