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In the case of fictitious personalities, the flexibility of a flexible response is missing. is not up to an appropriate level developed. It could simply be said that narcissistic people do not want change and with this feature they do not allow spontaneity and fluid in contacts with their environment, thus turning blocked energy into the contact into the pressure they endure themselves, increasing the anxiety and sensitivity of the squirrel the location and self-esteem.Narcissism, rather than a state of disorder, with a different approach, can be seen as a process of wrong organization of the person, more precisely the organization of the field of the organism / environment.

It is obvious that the strong tendency is that all symbols that strengthen or weaken the person’s sense of being special, special, perfect, unique, talented, valuable to uncritical respect, admiration and recognition – become the foreground and figure, while all other symbols of understanding for the needs and the feelings of other people and the possible creation of the field according to the needs of the environment are generally neglected, overlooked and placed in the background, forming the background.In terms of identity, self-esteem and seeing others, the narcissistic interpersonal gestalt consists of two mutually exclusive ways of organizing the field organism / environment at the border of the contact. In the first, bloated grandiose organization, a person embeds only those signs that confirm his defensive and illusory feeling that he is special, unique, talented and perfect. In this way, he forms a figure that makes the person feel good about himself.

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Everything else becomes a background. In the second, frivolous, unrealistic negative organization of the field, the figure in the figure embeds all the signs that confirm a low estimate for oneself, as a feeling of shame, anger, and depression.

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