In the book Animal Farm by George Orwell,

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In the book Animal Farm by George Orwell, he writes the book based on the Russian Revolution. George Orwell’s book deals with the Russian war but most of all how the pig’s Snowball and Napoleon try to overcome each other to become the best leader. Orwell was inspired to write about Leon Trotsky who is Snowball in the book but that is not the only person he was inspired by because he wrote about Joseph Stalin who is Napoleon in the book. When the old pig died, he told the animals to not let the humans overrun them or control them. This was an opportunity for both Snowball and Napoleon to become a leader. While Snowball comes up with the rules for the farm then that’s when Napoleon takes the puppies and makes them their leader.

One day Snowball makes up a diagram of the windmill and tells all of the animals that he has something planned, that he wants to make the farm better but that sets off Napoleon. Orwell says that the two disagreed with each other. That’s when Napoleon gets rid of any opposition to his control, just as Stalin did. Snowball was chased out of the farm by the 9 guard dogs just like Trotsky was always out skill by Stalin, and eventually driven out of Russia. That’s when he tried to position himself as head of the loyal opposition to the Bolshevik regime.Once Snowball left Napoleon made everyone against him. As Trotsky left to Mexico he spoke out about who Stalin really was. Stalin was very wary of Trotsky and was scared that a Trotsky supporters might try to assassinate him.

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The dictator of Russia tried to kill Trotsky because they did not want to lose leadership that is what was very common in the crazy man’s mind. Trotsky believed in Communism, but he thought that he would be better at running Russia then Stalin. In the book, Orwell says that Napoleon made animals confess to anything the did to side with Snowball.Napoleon who was very much like Stalin in the fact that he could not trust anyone even if they were on his side so he would punish people most likely kill them forever thinking of betraying him or actually doing something he didn’t like.Unfortunately, Stalin was very worried about himself that he send people to go and kill Trotsky. Trotsky was murdered in Mexico by the Russian internal police.

The way Trotsky was found dead was a pickaxe to his head at the place he was staying at the villa in Mexico.The book has a lot of problems resulting in a never-ending war. That there can never be two leaders. Especially with Stalin being so rude and way harsh to the people he led because he never trusted anyone. Just like the character in the book Napoleon and Stalin they want to lead no matter what they are harsh they make people/animals do what they want so they make ideas to the people/animals to make their lives better. As soon as they get started on the job then they must finish it.

He doesn’t care about the condition they are in Napoleon and Stalin just wants it done as long as they finished what they started.

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