In the department in organizing Industrial visits. A

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Last updated: August 12, 2019

               In my capacity as a facultyof Electrical and Electronics Engineering to Sakthivel Ravi, I havehad an occasion to observe his traits for more than three years and can vouchfor hisexcellent credentials. I have handled courses in Transmission and Distribution,Design of Electrical Machines, andProtection and Switchgear and also dealt with Controland Instrumentation Laboratory. I haveseen many bright students in my professionbut I have observed that only a few outstanding students offer a unique visionaryand embrace their learning of the subjectmatter.Sakthivel has diligently shown such a strongdesire.               Asa class counsellor, I truly rate him among top 2 percentile in a class of 61students for his empirical analysis, quick perception, and his competencetowards academics.

He has consistently proved them in hisacademics. He is a student who understandsfundamental concepts in depth and explores new possibilities.I do notdoubt his problem-solving skills, capacity and enthusiasm. He had shown ardent interest in thelectures and active participant in solving problems especially during Design ofElectrical Machines.                   His most inspiring traits aresimplicity and modesty. He can adapt to various situations and tries to sortout things in a very coherent and comprehensible manner. His punctuality and preparation for every class have stood out. He helped the department inorganizing Industrial visits.

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 A person ofaffable manners and a paradigm of exemplary behaviour, he leaves behind an indelibleimprint. His works clearly showedenthusiasm and perseverance to achieve his goals. Sakthivel will surelybe an asset to your University as he has been for ours.

               To be precise Sakthivel Raviholds a moral and ethical standard, vivacity, self-confidence,leadership quantities and his urge to experiment something new hasalways motivated him to take up provoking and challenging tasks. I am quitesure that his well-round abilities andhis dedication to his work will come in handy for mastering his coursework. Iwould strongly recommend him for an admission to your Graduate program in youresteemed university.  

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