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In terms of architecture as performance, architecture may start its journey from the notion of static use and evolve to that of a performance. This means it will start from the identity transformations and continue with resolving issues of the society needs in their everyday life. The architecture as a performance is based upon three main principles: the focus on the body, the idea of space and its context, and the principle of action . An example of an act of performance art political statement is the idea of Kryzstof Wodiczko and his project in which he presents the global problem of the homeless Figure 3.

Thus, the notion of performance becomes a tool by which architecture could produce statements in terms of social and political terms in the rapid change of the urban environment .Another project that makes people think in a different way is “Body Transit” by Didier Fiuza Faustino. Its focus is about the political and social mobility of illegal immigrants in Europe .  In the project “Demo Polis”, Moov created an intervention that focuses on urban spaces, that nobody is using and thus proposing tents for whoever needs them in the city. When peoplemove, architecture stops. When people desire, then the space around them hasthe power to define. Thus the architect represents the one who collectsmovements and desires of people. He is the one who has to transform them into aconcept of a building or an urban space.

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In order to understand how buildingsand space act Figure 5 together in the urban context among people in terms ofperformance art, we should clarify the notions of street and stage.Street andstage – two words simultaneously so different and so equal in their concepts.In a city one of the most emblematic characteristics is defined by the streets.The streets are the one who determine the shape of the city.

Through illusionand allusion, the streets are the one who can play among people. What is more,streets represent the stage in the urban context. The buildings on the streetsrepresent the notion of time, so that time is the narrative which puts thebuildings into place as an act of performance. An urban scene has the power totransform the city stage into a landscape of adventure. Urban festivals act asa performance art that could transform the public life and thus start askingquestions which will make people think. Everyone is both an actor and aparticipator. The borders between architecture and performance become to blur.


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