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In Some countries of Sub-Saharan Africa, kidshad been accused of witchcraft, not for making sorcery, but for having somethingevil or contact with the occult and/ or made gods angry and this is for them,the cause that makes them different from other children. This accusations, hadbeen don from someone inside family, or from the community.”Proofs” of being guilty are any criteriathat might seem different from “normal children”, that they look different, actdifferent of were born different. These kids turn to be vulnerable physically andemotionaly because the way they are treated.  This is mostly divided in three categories:The first category, are regularorphans who lost one or both parents, or have any disability or illness.The second category are childrenthat had an special birth: such as premature births, twins, the breechpositions, face-up position The third category involveschildren with albinism, this kids are the most vulnerable, as they believe theyhave different hidden powers, and their organs are sold to have those powers.Sowith these arguments, any child can be accused of witchcraft just because theyare “different” to “normal” kids, and they are worried about evil going trhoughtheir communities.

Althoughthese accusation could seem part of their believes, social studies had find utthat it turns to be also an economic situation: if the kid dies during exorcismthere is one mouth less to be fed, or also the leaders of Pentescotal churches,charge fees for these exorcisms and they have found a business in theseaccusations.When akid is accued of witchcradt, they are forced (with different methods) toconfess something they even don´t know. Normally they end up saying they aredoing witchcraft because of the violent methods. Next steps could be swallow a poison,fastening, potting soubstances in the eyes, ears, mouth in order to end up withthe evil, to different ways of torture, many of the children die during theconfessions or the procedures.

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If achild survives, normally he is rejected from the community, turning him into anabandoned child and starts living in the streets and suffering the same asthese children: alchohol, drugs, physical and sexual abuse, which is aviolation to their rights.Inmigrantsfrom Sub-Saharan Africa, keep this beliefs, so this can also be found in othercountries in a minimun scale. “Limited medical knowledge about illnessescombined with such a cultural belief system “predisposes people to look forscapegoats for who is responsible” (MacLean, 2014).


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