In to live with Antonio and his family,

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In the novel, “Bless me Ultima” by Rudolfo Anaya the author establishes a theme of conscientious self-sufficiency and the influence culture has on a person’s individuality through the conflict between Antonio’s parents, and his internal struggle about his longing to grow up, and accept responsibility, and claim is own life.

Anaya highlights the major conflicts between Antonio’s parents. Antonio’s parents come from different backgrounds and they have different plans for their families futures. Antonio’s mother is very religious, she wants him to be a man of learning as well as a priest to honor the Luna blood. Although, Antonio’s father is from the Llano and seeks contingency far from the small town their living in. This causes Antonio to struggle with which side of the family to honor, because he knows either way he’ll cause disappointment.When the “la curandera’ Ultima came to live with Antonio and his family, Antonio begins to wrestle with his spirituality.

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At the end of the novel Antonio and the readers begin to understand that power alone isn’t found in religion but belief in yourself and your ability to comprehend life.  The author’s focal point is centered around Antonio’s experience at school.. At school, he is expected to learn english and learn how to interact with the other children around him, he internally struggles because although Antonio’s mom is proud of all he accomplishes at school, he is still very uncomfortable because he knows the children aren’t accepting of his culture. At home Antonio and his family only speak espanol and he is used to his family traditions, which makes it hard for him to fit in. Throughout the novel Antonio contests with family conflicts, society, and religion.

He eventually discovers himself and soon grows up on the experiences he had encountered throughout his childhood. With the help of Ultima, conflict, society and religion.  

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