In us how he felt about the transformations. From

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In every person there is a temptation, it is different for everyone.

In the book The strange case of dr.Jekyll and Mr.hyde, Dr. Henry Jekyll’s temptation was his evil counterpart Mr. Edward hyde that was created as an experiment. The book shows us the different stages of Jekyll’s experimentation with the Hyde persona along the book shows us how he felt about the transformations. From the beginning Utterson (one of Jekyll’s close friends and lawyer) was speculating what type of relationship Jekyll and Hyde had. Then after awhile, jekyll started to have problems according to Hyde and it just keeps going down from there.

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 This is when Utterson starts looking for hyde because he wants to meet him. He doesn’t exactly know what type of relationship Hyde has with Jekyll yet,  but Utterson figures that if he saw the face of hyde maybe he would understand Jekyll’s relationship with Hyde.and when Utterson finally get to meet Hyde, Utterson describes him as pale and dwarfish, in some way deformed,  “He also notes that Hyde inspires “disgust and loathing and fear,” but he cannot pinpoint exactly why.

“This is around the time Jekyll found a way to separate his good side from his bad side. Without damaging the good reputation that he had made for himself. He was able to separate himself from himself and then turn himself into Hyde. Which meant he could do anything without suffering the consequences of his actions, and he was very pleased with this finding. As time went on Jekyll was happy as could be. He was living a double life and he could switch bodies whenever he wanted but after a while, his plans were startinto downhill. Jekyll starts to see the consequences and the real truth about hyde’s evil nature. One night a little girl was trampled by hyde while she was going to get a doctor.

This is when Jekyll starts to realize that hyde has no boundaries of on what’s evil. Jekyll starts to believe that he has created a monster and the more he thought about it the more it scared him. He sees that hyde has no good qualities as if he were made of just pure evil. Jekyll is known now that Hyde is pure evil and that affect the way he thinks and the way he looks and over time he would only become eviler. This is when Jekyll decides to stop drinking the potion to stop the madness that Hyde had started to create. The evil side of my nature, to which I had now transferred the stamping efficacy, was less robust and less developed than the good which I had just deposed. And hence, as I think, it came about that Edward Hyde was so much smaller, lighter and younger than Henry Jekyll. Evil besides had left on that body an imprint of deformity and decay.

” Chapter 10Another thing that affects Jekyll is that after some time I don’t become as painful to change into Hyde. Sometimes he doesn’t even feel it. Jekyll has to take more than one potion to change back in to his body. At one point in the book, he changes into Hyde when he is asleep and as he woke up, he had a funny feeling and looked down and he was in Hydes body.  Another incident was when he was having a stroll in the park when he changed into Hyde without a warning these incident are what makes Jekyll start to hate the Hyde persona.  This is the stage that Jekyll finally understands that Hyde is pure evil.

He goes on for 2 months not changing, but Jekyll starts to have an intense urge to change into Hyde once more. “But I have voluntarily stripped myself of all those balancing instincts by which even the worst ifs continues to walk with some degree of steadiness among temptations; and in my case, to be tempted, however slightly was to fall. Instantly the spirit of hell awoke in me and raged.”(Chapter 10). When Jekyll is transforming into Hyde, Hyde has bottled up this anger that couldn’t be contained, so when he changes he has this burst of madness.

Which is why he ends up killing a man. The man was Sir Danvers Carew, and after some time passes Jekyll ( in Hydes body) starts to realize what he has done and he starts to despise and hate Hyde and in some part himself for what he has done. This definitely changed his view on Hyde, and he wants to make sure that an incident like this doesn’t happen again.

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