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In this assignments I am going toexplaining the factors that may influence communication and the personal inhealth and social care environment and I am also going to be explaining thestrategist use to overcome on the health and social care environment toovercome barriers to effective communication and interpersonal interaction.Environmental factors that influencescommunicationEnvironmental factor that influencecommunication is background noise. Background noise can influence communicationpositive and negative way. In a negative aspect when the is interaction betweenindividual and there is background noise, it will affect the individual who inthe listening no to hear what the others is saying which can lead to wronginterpretation by the person. On the positive side when there is backgroundnoise it enables the individual to have interest in that they are sayingbecause everyone is getting involved.LightingLighting can influence communication in away that if the individual is communication in a bright environment, it cansometimes distracted the individual because in some aspect it may causeheadache making the individual concentrate on what is going.

  However if the light is too dim. It may causepoor concentration because the individual will not be able to see the facial expressionof the other individual. Facial expression is very important in communicationbecause tit enables the individual to know if the other person is reallyinterested in the conversation.Space: space can sometime influencescommunication. If the place where communication is taking places is too crowded,people will feel uncomfortable to express themselves because they will thinkthat people will disagree with their views and also if the three is distancebetween them, they might not hear what is going on.

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An information might not beunderstood properly Time can affect communication in a way thatif communication happens at a wrong time, people will not be able toparticipate. Emotional factors that influencescommunicationAnxiety can affect the way wecommunicate. When a person is nervous it will bevery difficult to communicate with them because they might not pay attention towhat is going on. Anxiety makes communication ineffective because people alwayslose self-esteem so they find it difficult to communicate.Anger:  anger can affect the way we communicatebecause if a person is angry they will find it difficult to understand andinterpret what the individual is saying. Cultures influences Culture influences refers to the customs, language,art, common dietary habits and attire of a particular region. It also includesthe learner’s values beliefs and the behaviours common to a group ofindividuals.

Cultures and communication are inseparable. This means thatculture can be a strong barrier to interpersonal communication between peopleof different cultures. Individuals from different cultures background oftencarry on attitudes  p4In health and social care, there are somany barriers to communication. Due to this, there are some strategies that areused by health professionals to overcome this barriers. This includeStaff training and assessment of needsStaff training and assessment are somecommunication skills that can be used to overcome barriers of communication.

Inhealth and social care settings, it is important staff members often gettrained on how to communicate effectively with people. Training will enablemembers of staff to acquire many skills such as, communicating effectively withanxious, depressed and aggressive people. Defusing aggression, building relationshipsand appropriate verbal or non-verbal communication In health and social care settings,aggression can be serious problem which is often result from fear, stress oranger resulting in barriers in communication. Therefore it is important thatcare workers often finds  appropriate waysand means to calm people down when communication with them to makecommunication more effective. Example in a care home when care working iscommunicating with someone from autism, it is important the care worker finds appropriatewords to communicate with them. By so doing they will be able to response tothem in effective way. This strategy can also help builds relationship between clientsand staff because appropriate form of communication is used to communicatemaking them have self confidence in them.

.Hearing aid Hearing aid can be used to overcome barriersof communication, such as the hearing loop. The hearing loop is an electronicdevice which made up volume, amplifier and a microphone. It often wear bypeople with hearing problems. When someone speak, the sound is receive throughthe microphone and the microphone converts the sound into waves which is theheard by the person. Hearing aid is very important in health and social caresettings because through this devices health professionals will be able tocommunicate with people who has hearing impairment.

They will be abbot todetect sounds from people and also received the right message.Text messaging and MincomText messaging and Mincom can very usefulin health and social care settings. Example a health professional can communicatewith someone who has hearing problems and speaking problem. Through textmessage, they will be able to read what the health professional is saying isgive relevant feedback.Voice activated softwareThe voice activated is a software whichenables people to understand speech and also through their computer.

. The voiceactivated software is very useful strategies to overcome communication barriersbecause it enables people to send feedback backs by typing out message on theircomputer.  Human strategies AdvocatesAn advocates represent someone. Sometimes ina health and social care settings, most people find it difficult to communicatedue to their low esteem or lack of confident. Often at times professionals areemployed to represent this kind of people.

This strategy is very importantbecause it makes sure service user voice are heard. Professionals talks onbehalf of them so members of staff will be aware of their needs and wants. M1 There are a lot of different stylesstrategies used in health and social care and all of these strategies havetheir strengths and weaknesses. .the strategies that I am going to review arestaff training, reflective listening, technological strategies such as thehearing aid and environmental awareness of non-verbal communication.

According to Skillsforlife (2012)believe the strength of reflective listening as a strategy in health and socialcare is it builds the clients self-esteem and lets them know that you areinterested in what they are saying and keeps a conversation going and byrepeating what us Bern said to you lets the clients know that you areprofessional and listening to what they are saying to you.The weakness if reflective listening is ifthe clients has low esteem before the conversation starts or angry or upset theclients may feel that the service provide is not helping them and this willcould anger the clients further or the clients will just refuse to talk.Staff trainingAccording to Skillsforlife (2012) suggestthat the strength of staff training is that it enable members of staff to acquirednew skills and knowledge on how to communicate with individuals. It alsoupdates them on the techniques which are more relevant in communication whichcan builds up individuals understanding on communication. It also educate themon some barriers of communication and some strategy that can be used to controlthose barriers.According to Skillsforlife (2012) theweakness of this strategies is that sometimes new techniques learn can be more complicatingwhich can lead to other situation.

Example if a member of staff do notunderstand what they have to do, they will find it difficult to adjust toupdates making things more complicated for her.Individual preferencesThe good thing about individual preferencesis that it allows the clients to choose the communication form which will besuitable for her to communicate effectively. It also allows them to have freeunderstanding on what is said and to be done. Example in some healthprofessions, interpreters are being hired to translate certain things to people.

This enable them to engage in communication effectively. According to Skillsforlife.Co. UK the weakness of this strategy is that not all healthprofessionals will have time for people who need interpreters.Hearing aidThe hearing aid such as hearing loop isvery important in health and social care settings. The advantages of thisdevices is that it allows people who has hearing impairment communicate withother individuals. Through the device. The hearing loop enables them to have aneffective communication with people without individual repeating themselves.

Theweakness of this devices is that due to its sensitives it is easy to attractbackground noise which sometimes interferes with what is said making it moredifficult people who use the device to understand what is said,Awareness of non-verbal communication According to Skillsforlife (2012) professionalsneed to be aware of different techniques which are used by people. Non-verbalcommunication is one of the most common used of communication for by people. Peopleoften communicate without talking but through eye contact, facial expressionand body language. Professionals need to recognise this skills to understandwhat the individual is saying. The strength of this strategy is that informationare quickly sent without interrupting because individuals express their actionsin body language. However information can be wrongly understood by people.

D1 Strategies are used in the health andsocial care settings to make communication more effective. and according to K.Bryan et all, aging and mental health (2002) studies show suggest thata high proportion of older people in residential clandestine nursing homeshould have communication difficulties and there is awareness of the need forstaff training to allow effective communication to be achieved. not working inthe sector of only experience to draw on are in the voluntary sector ,workingwith an elderly lady in the early stages of dementia it will be using Googlethese experiences to evaluate the pros and cons as whether the way strategiesare use effective or not. The strategies that I will be evaluating arereflective listening stuff training, individual preferences and environmentaldamage non-verbal communication. According to Neil Moonie et all effectivecommunication in health and social care (2012), reflective listeningcan be very important in the field of health and social care settings.

Reflective listening enables the individual participate in communication. It alsoallows people to have clear understanding on what is said. People oftensometimes find it difficult to understand what is said, through activelistening you will be able analysis what is said and give feedback. Reflective listeningmakes communication more effective because it shows the individual isinterested in the communication by demonstrating some skills such as nodding orsmiling. Staff trainingAccording to According to NeilMoonie et all effective communication in health and social care (2012) stafftraining is a techniques and skills needed to overcome barriers ofcommunication. Staff training enables health professionals to learn new thingssuch as method of communication with people regardless often is important,news skills and updates are given to members of staff to be able to makecommunication more effective. Staff training ensures that members of staff arewell equipped and ready to demonstrate their abilities through communicating.

Inmy opinion, staff training is important because it educate staffs on new newsand also updates on certain things such as good communication skills.Neil Moonie et all effective communication in healthand social care (2012) individual preferences is a good communication toolbecause it makes the client have a choice of how they want to communicate. It makesthem feel relax and comfortable because they are not forced to sat what theywant. The good thing about individualpreferences is that it allows the clients to choose the communication formwhich will be suitable for her to communicate effectively. It also allows themto have free understanding on what is said and to be done. Example in somehealth professions, interpreters are being hired to translate certain things topeople.

This enable them to engage in communication effectively. According to Skillsforlife.Co. UK the weakness of this strategy is that not all healthprofessionals will have time for people who need interpreters. In my opinion I thinkthat individual is good because it makes the client more relaxed andcomfortable when communicating.

Neil Moonie et all effective communication in healthand social care (2012), non-verbalcommunication is the way in which people communicate without talking. They usesbody language such as eye contact, gestures and facial expression to expressthemselves. It enables them to show their emotion by demonstrating thisphysical features. it is important tool to use to overcome communicationbarriers because in certain situation, not everyone is comfortablecommunicating verbally some sometime the use of physical expressed  speaks more louder than what is said. It allowsthe clients build confidence because through her expressions messages are sentand understood. It also allows the health professionals to understand the needsand wants of the clients.

Sometimes emotions feature are shown throughnon-verbal communication such as sad, happy or tired, through this the healthprofessional will know the right response or feedback which will be more helpto the client. In my opinion, I think, non- verbal communication is very usefuland important because it allows everyone to express their emotions.To conclude,I will say that strategies used in communication are important because it helpsevery individual to communicate the way want. It also helps healthprofessionals understand each and 

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