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In this report, I will beassessing the order winning and qualifying factors of customers at MorrisonSupermarket operate, then display the use of their concepts, theories, modelsto analysing how the Morrison Supermarket manages its operations and how theymeet their performance (cost, speed, dependability & flexibility. Yet Iwill also state Morrison Supermarket overall strategy and their future developmentrecommendations. Morrisons Supermarket foundershad always wanted to be different and better than ever. Over the years, thecompany has been working so hard just to produce excellence on their wholesupply chain management. According to my research on Morrison Supermarket StrategyPrimary activities states that, their inbound logistics in returns giveadvantages on the decent quality of food, cost breaking down and waste aspossible. Their in-house operations in stores have given full access tocustomer’s quick reaction to satisfactions on the products. Like whiles theoutbound logistics delivery speed can be faster, Morrison will then collectfrom the grower to the warehouse then distributes to their Supermarket. OnMorrison Marketing Strategy p4.

2, clearly written “Morrison has 12 distributioncentres across Great Britain,” Even so, Morrison has always been using social mediae.g. TV, Radio, Facebook and leaflet adverts to promote the goals of theSupermarket.  Meanwhile, as it stated on Morrison website, Morrison supermarket use differentstrategies to model their company’s reputation and support their brand and toachieve these they must help their target customers spend less penny oneveryday items. One quality about Morrison Supermarket, they listen more tocustomers through online survey, feedbacks and queries of one to one setting. Servingcustomers on a fast platform has made them to choose the right staff to becurrent in the right place at the right time. Morrison Supermarket would alwaysfind ways to stock food choices into petrol station for any close by trafficflow.

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” (Morrisons, 2013d). Next, “they have always aimsto put customers forward on one-stop-shop, giving them more of what they wanton a shopping trip, and add up what their stores and cafes off”. In this caseMorrisons supply chains are involving products and services to customers at theend of the chain work. To develop these to a satisfaction, for the survival& competitiveness of the organisation, the market will then has stablegrowth & element processes that will ensure a smooth flow of goods withinformation together the raw materials through several middle class entities.

 As a good reputable retailer,they will alway try to operate in a vertical-integrated business form with itssupply chain, alongside with the company’s farms, diverse suppliers, deliverycentres, outsized stores, and there has been so many convenience stores. Morrison’stop quality is to alway store in fresh products, from the farm cutting offthrough farmer transfers to the warehouses and this will significantly enhancedits efficiency and reducing its environmental impact. One of their distinctiveadvantages over their competitors is that WM Morrison got everything freshin the food preparation sites; next they have their own slaughterhouses, bakeries,and (Morrisons, 2012).Nevertheless,the top competitors of WM Morrison Supermarket involve Asda, J Sainsbury andTesco. Yet, Morrison Supermarket still work hard tostandout over their competitors, and follow on with their strong supply chainon sales statistics, Primary, Secondary & Tertiary distribution system.

Besides, Asda Supermarket functions as one ofthe “largest UK discounter retailers in Britain.” There “aims are to sustainthe environment and customers by renewing 100% energy and putting end to wastefrom the goods and services they sell and supply to their suppliers. At Asda, theyconsistently offer certified products of fresh local vegetables, healthylivestock food and school uniforms to customers.   Therefore,they aim to respect, sell less cost products to customers, and at the same timestaying on top of delivering good quality services and in challengingenvironment. To an extent, Asda will always try to please their customers byexporting quality Food, Households, Health & Beauty products, GeneralMerchandise and Clothing products. Correspondingly, there successfulsegmentation marketing strategies are for everyone. There supply chain startsfrom the farmer supplies, transported to the manufacturer to store them up atthe supermarket. Asda Plc supermarket statistics stated that “over 350 stores havebeen opened in the UK.

” As usually, Asda Supermarket use promotional discounts tomake customers feel that there is nothing to waste and they can get points asmuch as they are shopping both online and in stores. On 20thof April in 1869, Sainsbury supermarket was famous for their quality butter theysell in Britain.” To an extent Mrs Sainsbury, work so hard that her hard workstarts kicking off. There rapid growth of the supermarket, gave them a head startsto open more stores of better range of products for both rich and averagepeople. J Sainsbury aims are to support people to eat healthier on fair priceand having close relationships with their farmers, suppliers and customersglobally and nationally as possible. Sainsbury supermarket supply chain startsfrom their farmer, transported to the manufacturer to store them up at thesupermarket, use promotional discounts to make customers feel that there isnothing to waste and they can get points as much as they are shopping bothonline and in stores.

Britain’snumber 1 retail supermarket is known as Tesco. There aims are to be loyal atall time, secondly to offer great quality products to customer to livehealthier life styles then helping the environment to be positive, and this canonly operate internationally. In Tesco their products range from clothing,furniture, electrical, pharmacy, and home-garden, jewellery, bank insurance,gas, telephone service and electricity.

 Thereforetheir supplier plays huge role in Tesco successful supply chain work, as fortheir effective logistics and distribution operations has allowed them toimprove the speed flow-through on sale, and products. To compare Morrisons andcompetitors within the same sector can be interesting. These supermarkets areall working at the same goals to provide excellence services, lower price tocustomer as possible then to produce great productions, better profits and togain growths. Morrison’s unique supply chain management, mix culture ofheritage and tradition are one of the qualities that stand out over theircompetitors, alongside with their vertical integrated structure. Over the yearsMorrisons has opened loads of convenience stores around UK and operating withlocal and international Partnership Companies.

Although Sainsbury bankingsectors with the premium grocery and merchandise in UK has been success. WhilesAsda and Tesco has been scandal for food poisoning and horse meat, but still thesame they are also trying to gain popularity as the best retailerinternationally and locally. Additionally, Morrisonsupermarket operates in both External & Internal. Certainly, as it clearlystated on articles on Morrison, “Internal strengths can be the effective supplychain management that provides excellence service standard together on strongfinancial position, unique selling points and major manufacturing capacities. Morrison Supermarket Plc operation managementhas the second largest fresh food manufacturer with different sites.

They go tothe extra miles to satisfied customers with the freshest product of Bakery,seafood, meat, flowers, healthy fresh fruit with vegetables, burgers to newlycaught fish and bread that’s just come out of the oven.  There sources of unique offering are fromtheir manufacturing and logistics functions and hardworking engineers. When MorrisonSupermarket applies their culture of ownership, they can generate different choiceto ideas, new challenges and fantastic opportunities of the business.  Morrison regionalsourcing policy was well known for their 100% British quality of freshness onmeat, milk and training. The factors of Morrisons are Political factors,Economic factors, Socio-cultural factors and Technological factors. Thesefactors help Morrison in planning, licensing, pricing and maintaining thehealthy competition between supermarkets (Competition Commission, 2013). Nevertheless,the Economic factors also predict the rising energy costs, transport costs, rawmaterial costs within their supply chain management (Lynch, 2012).

As forSocio-cultural it has supported consumer to become cash rich, this is due toworking class customers who does not want to cook from scratch or there isn’t anytime. Next, as we all know that technology is improving, Morrison self-scanninghas help customers saving time when purchasing items, then rewarding customersfor their behaviours, loyalty and made less travel on Morrison products(Morrisons, 2013b). Lastly the legal factors educate Morrison on employment laws,health laws, safety laws and these agreement laws can be only done by the employers(The Trades Union Congress, 2013). Iwould recommend that Morrison to get more staff turnover and to improve theircurrent ratio and quick ration over the years to come then increase theconvenience stores and develop strategies of the company performances.

Nothingwill be the same if they fine suitable avenue of the convenience store segment,so that they can get an increased of logistics operations to step to a newheight on the overall environment footprint. Lastly, Morrison needs to be awareof their competitors’ strengths and expand on non food business.In conclusion of the report, Morrison has shownthat their supply chain effectiveness, product liabilities and consistency servicecan grow better and better every day. Likewise, if they work on their weakness therewould be fewer competitors in the market chain.

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