In you have nothing else to do. However,

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Last updated: September 8, 2019

In life, there are really times when you feel bored yet you do not want to leave the house.

You feel like you just want to chill out and lie on the sofa for the whole day. And since you do not have anything else to do because you are too lazy to move, you got up, get the remote and turn the television on. Televisions are great tools to cheer you up when you are bored and of course to pass the time when you have nothing else to do.

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However, this essay is not just all about televisions. It is about why the image on the TV screen is distorted when a magnet is close to it. This question is actually not new to me. My teacher in high school had discussed about it and as far as I can remember,I think it is because the direction of the path of the electron from the electron guns to its designated phosphor is being disrupted or diverted by the magnet and so they strike a different colored phosphor which results to the distortion of the image on the television screen.To get a more precise answer, I surf the net and this is what I found.

As what you have seen in the picture, it has three electron guns which are for red, green and blue. These electron guns can be found at the back of the Cathode ray tube (CRT). They are also the ones which generated the picture on a CRT and the electromagnetic coils and electrostatic plates scanned and managed the picture from left to right and top to bottom.To keep the three colors (RGB) separated, there is a shadow mask immediatelybehind the front glass arranged so that the electrons from the relevant “guns”can only strike the correct colored phosphor which glows when they are struck by electrons.The red-signal electron beam is aimed so that it strikes phosphor dots that glow red, emitting photons which the eye can detect. The same process occurs for green and blue; each color signal goes to one particular electron gun which excites just the dots of that color, the signal tells the gun how strong it should be which in turn means some dots glow brighter than others.

When you sit back from the TV screen, you don’t notice the dots or the flicker, your eye blend the image together to give a clear picture which appears to move(Seeley).Introducing a magnet to the screen distorts the path of those electrons such that they can be diverted through a different hole in the shadow mask and strike a different colored phosphor. As electrons are negatively charged particles, their motion is distorted by a magnet. So it is these electrons, not photons, which are distorted by the magnet.A magnet which is too strong can impart residual magnetism on the shadow mask whichresults in “permanent” discoloration in that area of the picture.

A degaussing wand which creates an alternating magnetic field is created to repair the discolored area for the alternating magnetic field could “sweep” away the discoloration by effectively demagnetising theshadow mask.

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