INCREASING systems did not allow people to do

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Last updated: September 9, 2019

INCREASING PRODUCTIVITY IN THE WORKPLACE.Staying productive at work can bechallenging at times.  Online serviceshave enabled most companies to stay productive in the current competitivemarket. Online services can enable you to achieve the following: Handle your suppliers.

Communicate with your customers, and get their feedback on your business. Offer services online. Enable customers to make reservations or appointments online. Researching on competitors.

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  The following are some of the online servicesthat can increase productivity in your workplace:1. The do-it-yourself phenomenon: As a concept, self-serviceis nothing new. Customers want to be empowered to get things done at theirconvenience. Recently, we have seen the do-it-yourself culture move intocustomer service.

Today’s customers are busy and often mobile and need to beable to solve a problem quickly and preferably independently. Customers’ demandfor better self-service experiences, as well as expanded channels forself-service, is driving higher investments in most companies. From paying at the petrol-pump orsupermarket self-checkouts to online health fund rebates, consumers do not wantto have to wait for something if they know they can get it themselves. It is nodifferent in the workplace. At its most basic, an employee self-service systemgives employees access to certain key details about their employment. Becauseit’s normally hosted on a company intranet and accessed over the web, staffdon’t have to be at their desks to use it.

They can log in from home – oranywhere else with an internet connection. When they first emerged, thesesystems did not allow people to do much more than change a line of address oramend bank details. These days, thanks to more robust data encryption, employeescan apply for leave; look at policies, share information, book training ordownload pay slips. 2. Email and text push notifications services: Following Amazon’s lead, many companies, especially shippingcompanies, now automatically send customers an email or text notification whentheir order has shipped, if something is backordered, or when somethingpre-ordered or backordered is available. Similarly, many service businesses,instead of calling a home phone to confirm an appointment now send a text tothe customer’s mobile phone, along with the ability to confirm, cancel orchange the appointment.

This attracts customers increasing productivity.3. Social media customer service. Forget phone, email and live chat: Facebook, Twitter andother social networks are the new front lines for customer service questions.

Infact, the number of messages requiring a response that people sent to brandsvia social has increased. Social media presents an amazing opportunityfor companies, making customers happy while their friends are watching. As aresult, most companies are building out their strategy and processes for socialcustomer service. Airlines, such as Delta, evenhave separate Twitter accounts just for handling customer service and supportissues. Companies that develop and manage reactive, proactive and preemptivesocial customer care programs end up being the most successful. Positiveresults also occur in companies that ensure that the people who manage theirsocial channels are properly trained and keeping track of important metricslike response rate and time.

From cuttingdown on the time you spend on your email to tracking your workload, you canmake sure you are accomplishing more with your workdays using online services.  

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