India I desperately delved into Biochemistry. Thus, my

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Last updated: September 19, 2019

India is adeveloping country.

There are many environmental issues that need attention. Sincemy childhood, I have become increasingly curious to learn more about theseissues. I started collecting/ reading more and more about the environmentalissues. I got more inclined to Biological Sciences, particularly Biochemistry.It was atthe age of 13 that I cottoned to Biology.

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Since then, I started readingdifferent science magazines. With the help and encouragement of my scienceteachers, I explored and participated in ‘The Initiative for research andInnovation in Science'(IRIS) National fair in which I took up a project on theuses of Saline sodic soil. This project gave an in-depth knowledge about thespecial properties of this soil. This soil would be a wonderful substitute forsoaps and detergents as it contains chemicals such as Sodium, Potassium,Magnesium and Calcium attributed for its soapy properties. People in Karnatakahave been using this soil for bathing, washing utensils and clothes, etc. It isa user-friendly, low cost substitute, which unlike the usual soaps anddetergents do not pollute water bodies and soil.

This soil can be used in placeof soaps, detergents, Dead Sea mud and Multani mitti (Fuller’s Earth Clay) inupcoming years. I’d always possessed an affinity towards science. My firstproject and its success boosted my confidence and heartened me.

By the end ofmy 9th grade, I realized my passion, it was none other than thescientific research.In grade 10,I came across an article on ‘Leaf Blight disease’. At that time, I was upset bythe lethal effects the fungal pathogen had on brinjal and tomato crop. Statisticsshow that there is a loss in yield of up to 79% of tomato crop in the U.S., andabout 25-30% loss of eggplant crop in India. That article was a spark, kindlingmy mind to think about a way to counteract the problem in a sustainable way.

Since then, I desperately delved into Biochemistry. Thus, my second researchwork was based on immunizing brinjal and tomato plants from Leaf blight diseasecaused by Alternaria solani (a fungal pathogen) by using amino acids(Glycine, lysine and aspartic acid) as elicitors. I put my heart and soul tothis project. This project titled ‘A novel strategy using amino acids aselicitor to combat pathogenicity caused by Alternaria solani on selectedcrops’ was selected and presented at the Intel International Science andEngineering Fair held in Los Angeles, California from 14th to 17thMay, 2017. During my stay in Los Angeles, I was able to adapt myself to the newsettings. Staying in a whole new country, I couldn’t feel any difference andwas able to gel with the people. I got the opportunity to interact with youngscientists, Nobel Laureates, Science for Society and Public alumni, and manymore which broadened my mind.

It is alsomy inquisitiveness to probe into the problem of fungal attack in rice crop andto counteract this problem in an ecofriendly way.I have beena part of The National Cadet Corps and an active member of The Rotary Clubwhich are involved in community services in India and participated in variouscamps and activities. My hobbies include oil painting and reading sciencejournals. I find theSummer Science Program as an immersion into hands- on research which is veryimpressive. I believe this will give me great degree of expertise and exposure andprovide me a platform where I can enhance my scientific yet innovative bent ofmind. I can learn more and meet new people with the same temperament fromacross the world that will greatly add to my knowledge and skills.

I will bemore open to different ideas that will allow me to think out of the box.I am surethat my curiosity and my researching skills will enable me to succeed in thegreatly claimed program to become an experimentalist. Eventually, I deeplybelieve that the excellence of your program will motivate me to achieve my lifegoals. I am looking forward to my life changing moments at Summer ScienceProgram.


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