India iconic images of India amongst women and

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Last updated: April 21, 2019

India has never been behind in any cultural or sportsactivities, so as its Indian women.

One of the pride has been gained from Kubra Site in India. Declared to be the best femaleemcee in India and won award for thesame. She has become one of the most iconic images of India amongst women and mostcelebrated anchors in the entertainment business, serving in more than 30 countries. She covers her area of experience in not only anchoring butalso acting and modeling, even after possessing her academic background to be financially and eventually headed towardsevents and entertainment industries.

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Her most popular work counts for hosting-Chennai super kings inaugural, mantra promotional events, Adobe India launchand ICICI enclave, IAA Indian leadership and club Mahindra sponsorship. She isalso responsible for the IAA crown awards. She is somuch superefficient in her work that she was invited to host TED talks and alsoto be a part of it to showcase her own self. Kubra site is not only appraisedby the public, but also by the ones who are already in their high skies. Thisstatement will be more justifiable if I say, Shahrukh Khan said “she is damngood” when she was hosting Hindware Book and App Launch.

She was overwhelmed tohave a tinny-Vinny rendezvous with one of her favorite stars. Not only Shahrukhbut other stars was there who threw their shiny summers on her which broughther into the spotlight i.e – Arnab Goswami, Anil Kapoor and deep u Hartone,Hong Kong president for her flawless performance for the talent she possesses.Her work has always been stylish and admiring. There is nodoubt in saying that most of the shows and promotional events are successfulbecause of her. She accomplished the eligibility of the job to bring attractiveness to the audience.

Other than hosting Product Launching, she is more famous forher work in sportier events (sports). She has hosted and promoted IndianEnthusiasm in territorial of sports, including IPL, Pro Kabbadi Games, FountainHead Mktg and Golden Vibes Event launching Champions Polo League in India.Even being an introvert kid in her childlife, she prefers to choose a veryopposite area of interest and capable enough, she is now, into guiding people for the same.

According to her thevery initial and biggest challenge for any anchor, host or emcee is not to beenamored on stage. the fellow must havepresence of mind and should be quick and witty for unscripted events of theshow. After all it takes to become a successful anchor is putting strong and effective points in front of an audience that they remember youfor years and years…! 

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