INDIAN brands Council of India. The LPG marketing




Indian Oil is a leading oil and gas company headquartered in
New Delhi. IOCL was established in 1964 and owns the name in the largest
enterprises in the country with a net profit of 19,106 crore (INR)( USD 2,848
million) in the year 2016-17. Mr. Sanjiv Singh is the chairman of this company
with a 1st position in the Fortune India list for 2016 and grabbing
168th position in Fortune’s “Global 500” list of world’s largest
companies in the year 2017. Being a giant in commercial sector it has also
established its name on foreign lands too. It has other Indian Oil subsidiaries
located in Sri Lanka (Lanka IOC), Mauritius (Indian Oil Mauritius Ltd.) and the
Middle East (IOC Middle East FZE). Indian Oil is looking for new diverse
opportunities in the energy sector of Asia and Africa. It has joint ventures
with 20 commercial partners from India and other countries to pursue a better
business. In order to research for some new techniques that serve the business
it has the R&D centre located in Faridabad (NCR). 

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Indian Oil deals in several commercial as well as domestic

Indane Gas.

Auto Gas.

Diesel/Gas oil.

ATF/Jet Fuel.

SERVO lubricants & greases.

Marine Fuels & Lubricants.


Bulk/Industrial Fuels.


The concept of LPG rural marketing was
first introduced by Indian Oil. The main purpose to present this concept was to
eradicate the enormous deforestation that was done in rural areas to meet the
daily needs. Since this initiative was mooted it largely contributed in
preserving the environment and limited the use of conventional fuels such as
firewood. Indian Oil today is operating 11 refineries in India with a capacity
of 80.7 million metric tonnes per annum. The company has also incremented on
bottling capacity going from 1.45 million tonnes per annum to over 3 million
tonnes per annum. Considering the conscious of its environment, Indian Oil has
tied up with  manufacturers of ‘Green
Label ‘ branded LPG stoves by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), which gives  thermal efficiency of 68% and fuel savings of


Indane is one of the largest packed-LPG
brands in the world that has been conferred the best Consumer Super brand
status by the Super brands Council of India.

LPG marketing was launched in the mid-60s, Indian Oil was given a  credit to 
bring  a kitchen revolution,
spreading happiness and cheerful warmth in millions of households with its
best  and 
clean  cooking fuel that was
enough efficient as it is today. Indane today is an ideal fuel for modern
kitchen, with safety, reliability and convenience. Due to the smoky chulha the
women in the rural areas were always prone to certain diseases that was
affecting their lives at that time. LPG brought a substantial improvement in
their health by replacing these local ways of cooking food with the modern and
easy way of making delicious food for their family.. Indian Oil has a share of
over 49% in the domestic segment currently accounting for 6 million tonnes of
the 12.3 million tonne per annum market. A dedicated team of more than 5500
distributors are working daily to serve the needs of over 63 million customers
throughout the country and delivering the Indane LPG to their doorstep. The
main aim is to provide LPG service in the remote areas and to fulfil that dream
 Rajiv Gandhi Gramin LPG Vitaran, a small
format LPG distributorship and community kitchens with subsidization towards
security deposit of cylinder and regulator was launched.


Booking your LPG is no more as hassle these
days as the company has introduced plenty of new ideas to serve the best. You
can now book your LPG while sitting at home and just few clicks away.


Indane Gas booking procedure


Indane booking online

You can
create a user id and password using your registered email id and use that to
book the cylinder any time.

This id
can be used for all future bookings and the bill can be paid online using debit
card, net banking or e-wallet.

through SMS

If you want to book
your LPG through SMS facility then please follow the simple procedure:-


example, If the distributor’s contact number is 637893993 and consumer number
is 3X34223D then you would need to send the SMS as IOC 637893993 3X34223D.  

After this
if you want to book your LPG again then you only have to SMS IOC to ( your
default distributor’s number/ IOCL NUMBER STATE WISE)


Booking through IVRS(Interactive voice response system)

         Now, you can also book using your
cellphone/ landline number by following steps

If you
are using this facility for the first time then simply dial the IOC
number(XXX>>>>>) from your landline/cellphone and follow the
voice guide by the system.

would need to select your native language from the voice response by pressing
the default button on your device followed by the voice guide response.

Now, you
would be asked to enter your distributor’s number followed by the STD code.

ahead, the consumer number will be asked to complete the procedure with the
desired option to book your LPG.

The system will
automatically register your request to book your LPG as followed.

In case you want to
book your LPG again in the future then you just dial the default IOCL number
according to your region and follow the voice response that would ask you for
following :-



To know
the status of your previous booking

For example, if you choose
to book your LPG then you would be automatically provided with a reference
number for the booking.


In case you have any
kind of feedback,  query or
complaint  you can contact the tollfree
number 1800 2333 555 that is to make this procedure more convenient and
effective to enable the people to direct send the complaints or follow up on
the same. This unique 11 digit number is being operated from the IOCL call
centres across the country with a facility of region wise complaint lodging
system, where you can register your complaint in your local language. This
number will be on manual mode from 8AM to 8PM and on IVRS mode during 8PM to

There is another
number for anykind of LPG emergency that is 1906.



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