Individuals, face new challenges by the passing of

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Last updated: August 15, 2019

Individuals, corporateorganisations and even the entire world face new challenges by the passing ofeach day. To deal with these challenges, the quest for new best ways,frameworks and paradigms becomes inevitable. In fact, anything that concernsMan possess an unending challenge to be defeated – this truism reflects thefoundation upon which new innovations and technologies come to life.In every micro-seconds billiontons of goods and services based on demand and supply pass through millions ofsupply chain frameworks and in the midst of unforeseen chaotic tendencies knownas disruptions, Industries around the world keep all hands on deck to curtail,avoid or minimize the negative effect of these situations just so they couldmaximize profit and keep their customers satisfied.

These disruptive tendenciestherefore brings to fore the need for better frameworks, new innovations andtechnological advancements to predict, reduce or bring to an end a great numberof events that could result to unwanted outcomes. Now, ever wondered why someorganisations perform better than the other – it most times has nothing to dowith how big or small they are, it actually is the evidence of good and cuttingedge innovations at play. In a contemporary such as this where billions ofinformation exchange occurs in seconds and organisations who are able to use averitable amount of it to their advantage find themselves operating on a wholenew level.  SUPPLY CHAIN CHAOS AS ALWAYS BEEN THE LADDER The major concern in supply chainmanagement is majorly centred on the avoidance of risk – this apprehensive concernsis what triggers the search for new innovations. More so is to close the gapsand identify new opportunities in an extremely uneven market, which is mostlyhandicapped by poor infrastructure and obsolete logistics systems.An efficient supply chain isvital for businesses to deliver their products to the consumers who want orneed them.

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As the global marketplace continues to evolve, supply chain managersmust think more innovatively and proactively to balance product flow and coststhroughout a product’s life cycle.

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