Industry the switchgears or small metallic enclosures to

Industry Needs InnovativeCompact EAE Turkey Power Distribution Systems EAE Turkey powerdistribution system is much energy efficient with compact décor to preventthe source of electrocution or short circuit.

  IIGM company has made  jointcollaboration with EAE Elecktrik AS in Turkey to provide innovated  electric bus bars or electrical trunking accessories to various corporate sectorscovering healthcare, building constructions, large textile, and factories tomaintain sustainability in  power supplywithout interruption.  Electrical busbars are installed in the switchgears or small metallic enclosures to enhancethe smooth power channelization to gigantic machines and operational floors. Joint Collaborationbetween EAE Elektrik and IIGM EAE Elektrik Turkey manufactures these custom bus bars and sophisticatedtrunking tools in India. Textile industry and other sectors install upgradedpower distribution infrastructures and bus bars engineered by  EAE Elektrik Turkey.   In India, domestic healthcare, textile,tourism/hospitality industries are speedily expanding. IIGM goes for a longlasting tie-up with this Turkey based company to deploy high caliber electricalbus bars. Modified EAE E-lineBus Bars –Risk Free with Higher Compatibility EAE Elektrik spoon feeds multiple floors offactories/buildings without causing any cumbersome damage to the powerdistribution system.

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  If required, thiscompany ensures complete tech support with online guide to assist customers.The company has awesome exposure online with goodwill worldwide. EAE Elektrik always maintains product quality. Till now,over 1000 projects have been completed in India.   Customers have no issue against EAE Elektrikwhich upgrades the power deployment bus bars. Besides, EAE Elektrik has unique consultants and experts who are at yourservice. Their suggestions are extremely productive to newbie.  In addition, EAE Elektrik deploys LEDsolutions to renew industries ranging from real estate, hospitals and textile.

Logisticsupport given by EAE Elektrik Turkey is fast and cost effective. EAE Elektrikhas modernized its workshop to innovate conventional power trunking and Façadelighting fixtures.     

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