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Infectiousdiseases are a major cause health problem on the worldwide basis. It affectsthe globe in term of modality and the mortality. The action takes place becauseof the combination of hot genetic factor and pathogens that play adeterminative role in the susceptibility to a specified microbe that leads tothe infection. Studies indicate that specific gene use population-based andfamily-based approach, influencing the spread of the disease. Malaria makes upone of the diseases that emerges through genetic change. Today 40% of thepopulation around the world are exposed to the virus. The disease kills almostone million people on an annual basis. It makes up the most significant numberof the gene it has conformity in the differential susceptibility to infections(Sherman, 2012, p.

117). A scientist has tried to come up with various ways ofpermanently curbing the infectious disease with no success. Plasmodiumfalciparum and the Plasmodium vivax cause malaria. They are a group of humanpathogenic species commonly known as malaria parasites.

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The pathogen lives in thefemale Anopheles mosquito, which feeds on human blood as it infects the victim. The existenceof viral diseases is also another issue that is caused by genetic changes. Adisease such as HIV/AIDS is one of the most common illnesses that arise fromthe difference. HIV infection is characterized by specific extended clinicasymptomatic phases which result in a later stage that cause immunodeficiency,infections and the neuroglial problem that needs to be addressed on the broaderperspective (Maas, 2017).

AIDS is a disease that is caused by the humanimmunodeficiency virus. The pathogenic of the virus takes place through thedepletion of Infectious Diseases 3 the CD4+in the gut that is accompanied by aperiod that is silent clinically but results in virus replication andcontinuous diversification that is diverse. The action eventually led to thedevelopment of aid. 

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