Influences of Components of Cultural Identity on Baker Delight

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Bakers Delight is one of the most successful bakeries with over 700 bakeries across three countries, serving 2.

5 million customers each week (Kate 2010). In order to expand the market share as well as appeal a large number of the customer, Bakers Delight has considered not only the internal factors but also external factors such as financial capability, core competencies, cultural identity, etc. This essay will focus on analyzing the impacts of two components of cultural identity, class and geography, on a company in areas such as manufacturing, distributing and promoting its products to consumers.Class is one of the cultural identity components that the company takes account of its operation. According to Jameson (2007) there are three main classes which have influences on business communication. Firstly, the economic class has been divided into the rich, the poor and the middle class who often share cultural values and behavior even though sources of wealth vary. Secondly, the social class refers to groups of people who determined and adopt certain cultural attitudes and traditions.The last concern – educational class – “inculcates patterns of thought and values that cut across national and ethnic lines” (Jameson 2007, p.

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212). Based on the characteristics of these classes, the company may expand the variety of products and conduct marketing strategies in order to appeal more customers as well as satisfy their demands. In case of Bakers Delight, for example, the company provides a category of different prices for over 350 kinds of breads, therefore the customers from economic class will have many choices to purchase the products within their financial capability.

Moreover, thanks to the active role of each one of Bakers Delight’s 700 bakeries in supporting charitable and community-based organizations including schools, hospitals and sporting clubs that the company may encourage customers, in particular people from social and educational class to use its products due to beneficial community purposes (Laursen 2008). In addition, Bakers Delight aims to support a healthy lifestyle through a broad range of fresh, nutritious products so that the company can enhance people awareness about the healthy benefits by using Bakers Delight’s products.As a result, the more values of products that people are aware of, the more potential customers the company has.

In short, it is clear that a company should spend more time on analyzing the influences of class component into daily business activities. The second component of cultural identity the company needs to consider is geography, which may have impacts on its corporate strategy and decision-making. Jameson (2007, p.

213) identifies cultural differences related to regional distinctions.In other words, the geographic distinctions may “create cultural groups united by attitudes toward time, space, privacy, property, security, and other matters” (Jameson 2007, p. 213). For instance, groups of people from different areas within a country may have dissimilar tastes; therefore, the company has to modify some ingredients of its products that suit customers’ preferences. In case of Bakers Delight, the company produces a wide range of breads, each kind of breads contains the variety nutrition and ingredients so as to satisfy customers tastes.Besides that, living standard also varies from regions, which would be a main factor affecting the price of products. In Australia, Bakers Delight retailers have adjusted the price of its products that is slightly higher in Sydney, Melbourne in comparison to Perth after analyzing the variations of living standard each city (Henman 2008).

In fact, geography is one of cultural identity components that considerably affects on business strategies of a company. It is necessary to combine the two above components of cultural identity into daily business activities of a company.Considering factors in concern of class and geography, Bakers Delight can access the customers from economic class through the variation of price of each type of breads as well as satisfy different tastes of people who live in dissimilar regions.

Consequently, the amount of customers that Bakers Delight can serve will increase, in other words, the company will have more chances to expand its market share thanks to the analysis based on the components of cultural identity.Bakers Delight, nowadays, has grown to over 700 bakeries across three countries, serving 2. 5 million customers each week. Briefly, taking account of components of cultural identity in its business operation is one of the important strategies that leads to the success of a company. In summary, the two components of cultural identity, class and geography, has played an important role in daily business activities of a company.

Due to the consideration of these components that can identify the needs, wants and demand of customer, the company can enhance the effectiveness in manufacturing, distributing and promoting its product to satisfy the customer’s preferences. Therefore, it is necessary to take account of the components of cultural identity in order for a company to succeed. Henman, P 2008, ‘Equivalent salaries in five Australian capital cities’, Australian Journal of Social Issues, vol. 43, no. 4, pp. 615-630.

Jameson, D.A 2007, ‘Reconceptualising cultural identity and its role in intercultural business communication’, Journal of Business Communication, vol. 44 no. 3, pp. 199-235. Kate, K 2010, Moments with marketers: Chris Caldwell, viewed 30 July 2010, . Laursen, W 2008, ‘Bakers Delight: an Australian success story’, Business franchise Australia New Zealand : the magazine for franchisees, issue 2-3.

Small, M. A & Prescott, J 2005,’ Odor/taste integration and the perception of flavor’, Experimental Brain Research, vol. 166, no. 3-4, pp.


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