Information been gradually due to the systems evolution

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Information systems have been merged in companies since the appeared of the first computer, as an important and strong tool to optimize and improve management activities. Their introduction has been gradually due to the systems evolution in each specific area and of course due to the technology availability over time.Article-1: Accounting is clearly defined by laws and a rule that every company must follow, regardless their nature and sector it belongs to. That’s why that the design and implementation of a software for accounting management is easier compared with other areas in companies since that the “requirements analysis” is made for the administration entities of every country and it is the same for every company in such company. This is the way of how the first information systems for company management appeared, which they were basically accounting software. As soon as the accounting software appeared, there was the necessity of manage the administration area using formation systems too (QUIESCENTI, M.

, 2006). So, there were developed several information systems for that purpose, which could manage invoices, paying, collecting, etc.This way, such operations kept stored in the information system, what allow the later search or study, etc. even if the administrative area information system were integrated with the accounting and financial system it guaranteed a safe of working time, a productivity increasing and a reduction in costs and mistakes.

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Article-2: In the same way, from another article of ERP systems, the role of developing of software for companies concentrated efforts toward the research and development of stock management area, appearing systems as the ICS (inventory Control system). These systems allow the existing stock of every product at the warehouse, what are the consumption in different periods, and off course, their value, something important for recent companies. One more time, the integration of these systems with the information application in the company (accounting and administration systems) was revealed as a very important factor in the process optimization. It is important to clarify that nowadays it is assume that an integrated information system for company management must cover all this feature. Such evolution has occurred parallel to the evolution of the technologies for the information and data treatment (BEATTY, R.

C. , C.D., 2006). So, I can conclude by stating that it is also possible to say that the evolution of the information technologies prompted this integration trend in the management of companies.


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