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Informative Essay By: Kailee PerezDid you know that only one out of five children involved in child labor is paid? Even if they are paid, it is not enough money to live on. Sometimes, their keep ranges from only a few cents, or to a minimum of simply nothing.

They also endure horrible living conditions and treatment. Child labor is a major problem indeed, a child called Iqbal has a shocking story about how he was forced to work. Iqbal Masih was sold by his parents to a carpet weaving company, for 12 U.

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S dollars. Immediately, he was forced to work in a small room, weaving carpets from the age 4 to 10. While he was there, he wasn’t fed nor given water. This was so that the kids woking would stay skinny for more intricate looking knots in the carpets. Iqbal “escaped” from his slavery after labor was declared illegal by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

He was then taken to the U.S and other countries to talk about his story, and what he went through during the time he worked. How he was treated and why he was treated that way, is devastating.

According to “Freedom Hero: Iqbal Masih,” a video that shares Iqbal’s story says, after getting home from his speeches, at age 12, Iqbal was shot outside of his grandmother’s house. Child labor is a major problem all over the world, and Santos Polendo was apart of this tragic state in time. He explained how he started labor at age 6 and worked 10 summers doing farmwork. “The weather was terrible, my back and head hurt.

” Polendo said. When kids like Santos were allowed to stop working, tutors and instructors helped the migrant children with their assignments. But soon, because of all the work, between farming and school, kids became discouraged and stopped going to school. At that point in time 65% of migrant kids dropped out due to the discouragement. Child labor is a major problem all around the world. According to “10 Tips for Helping End Child Labor” more than 200 million children today are engaged in child labor.

73 million of these children are below the age of 10. Now think about this, how do you think the U.S would function if all children did child labor? Is there a way we can help the kids who still work in slavery?        BibliographyBerg, Matt, “10 Child Labor Facts,”, October 4, 2013. Fanning, Karen, “Young Migrant Workers Toil in U.

S. Fields,” Scholastic.comSchloat, Anson, “Freedom Hero: Iqbal Masih.” Executive Producer, Youtube, November 27, 2008

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