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Inky Johnson was one of the greatest football players to ever play at the University of Tennessee, he won many awards do to his abilities on the field. Inky only weighing 160 pounds he was one the the strongest competitors on the field. Although he was small in size to play in the NCAA in one of the top divisions he wouldn’t let his size fear him away from anyone. Inky continued to thrive on the football field but his life took a sudden turn when he played against Air Force. The game against Air Force was only his second game that junior year but little did he know it would also be his last. As time quickly passed he knew if he did not act fast his team would lose, in effort to try an take his team to victory he clashed into opposing teammate trying to cause a fumble or at the least a incompletion. As he hit and fell to the ground uncounsiosly Inky instantly knew something was wrong.

As his body layed motionless his teammates ran over to assist him and get him back on the field. They told him “Inky get up” but this time was different as bad as he wanted to he couldn’t get up. He was eventually put on stretcher and rushed to the hospital, where he was told his fate.

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The doctor explained to him he had busted a subclavian artery in his chest and was bleeding from the inside. They had to take the main artery out of his left leg and reroute it to connect it to his chest in order for him to continue living. He told Inky he had severe nerve damage in his right arm which would later on lead to his arm becoming totally paralyzed, but the worst of all he told Inky something that would change his life forever.

That he will never again be able to step on the field and play not even one more down of football for the rest of his life. His dreams since he was a young boy was the play in the NFL and one play, one hit, one accident ruined his dreams forever. Although his dreams would become unachievable Inky wouldn’t let this hold him back in life. Since Inky was a young boy he had to over come difficulties with growing up in rough neighborhoods and living with fourteen people in a two bedroom house, so to him this was just another obstacle in his way. He over came adversity and set his goals to a new achievable standard. He decided since football wasn’t possible anymore he would become a inspirational speaker. Now Inky makes a good living traveling and inspiring people around the would and he does something else that he now enjoys.

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