Innovative to awaken him? Did he experience ‘Déjà

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Last updated: February 12, 2019

Innovative people are imaginative! A great idea is likely to originate from many ideas. We are easily enslaved in repetitive cycles. We have all accepted that history repeats itself; yet few recognize our tomorrow will be the same as yesterday. A truth voiced once is no match for lies that have been reiterated! There is an undiscovered error within humanity that craves the relapse of habitual and tedious recurrences.There are deceptions we have accepted as truth that keep our vibrations negative. That one noted as the wisest man, aroused from his lethargy and stated: “Is there anything new under the sun?” One may question what finally took place in this astute man’s life to awaken him? Did he experience ‘Déjà vu? Was there a shock-wave, a vibrational current of energy; or a quickening frequency that interrupted his tomorrow being just like his yesterday?If we tell people there is a way to change our life, and our reproof is a continuation of doing over again what we assumed would bring change; we are forever learning with no ability to find truth! We admonish those receiving the gospel that they will eventually feel unworthy unless they keep repenting. Who rises above the echoed lie and recognizes there is nothing new under the sun? Why are we lethargic and not responsive to truth? Are we under an enchanting spell; or have we been hypnotized to never think for ourselves?Repetition is one of the most widespread methods of persuasion that keeps us from thinking for ourselves. An attentive positive thought becomes a prevailing belief, and restating a new way of thinking becomes a vibrational frequency of energy.

The generation upon us will not be conformed; and our refusal to progress and think differently is fatal. If we refuse the new and we keep others from this experience we burden ourselves.There is a new man, a newness of life where old things are passed away and all becomes new! There are divine imaginations inspiring spiritual eternal ideas. We can be innovative reformers inspiring and engraving newness of life within the consciousness of humanity. We will never change the nature of mortality; for the light of the Son shines in the awareness of immortality.

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