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Last updated: March 17, 2019

Instagram is a platform to share your favorite moments andmemories with your family, friends and followers. Most people are amused byInstagram likes. No one feels good when they post a photo and receive verylittle likes or no likes at all. This makes us feel like the photo we postedwasn’t a good photo. Perhaps you are the one not doing the right thing to getInstagram likes.

Follow the following tips and you will start getting morelikes on your photos. Use hashtagsIt is very important to categorize your photos with relevantkeywords. You can get discovered by new users if you use hashtags. This willincrease the likes on your photos. When you use a lot of hashtags, the likelihoodof your photos being viewed by other users is high and you may get more shares.This will increase the likes you get on your photos.

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Make sure you use hashtagsthat are related to your photo. If the photo is about fashion you can usehashtags like #fashion, #trends and so on. Using the most popular hashtagsincreases the chances of your photo being noticed. Searching the list ofhashtags that are trending can put you on the right path.Editing your photosYou can use apps to filter and edit your photos. There aremany apps to do this.

This will make your photos look special and appealing.Appealing photos will always attract attention and will definitely generate youmore likes.Post photos thatpeople want to seeDon’t just post anything like empty glass, photos of yourcouch, new phone or random photos downloaded from the internet. You need tothink of your account as your art gallery and try as much as you can to postthe best and high quality photos. High quality photos on Instagram get the mostlikes. This is because such photos attract most people.

You should never postsimilar photos because they will get people bored. You can post photos ofunique things as people like to see things they have never seen before. If itis posting photos of your pet then you should post the best photos of highquality.

If it is food you want to post, don’t just post photos of any food.Try to post spectacular photos of food. Be an active memberBeing active on Instagram will make you earn more likes onyour photos. Try to like and share other people’s photos and they are likely toreturn the favor. Follow other people to get discovered.

If you comment onsomeone’s photo, they are likely to comment on yours as well. If you don’tacknowledge other people’s photos, no one will acknowledge yours unless you area celebrity. You can start by liking photos randomly to get more likes. Findpeople with less followers and more following, go to their profile and liketheir photos, they may notice you and like your photos too.

Post at the righttimePosting photos in the middle of the night will get you nolikes. Try to find out the best time more people are online and post yourphotos. This way, they will be seen by many people and many people will likeyour photosBuy Instagram likesThis is the most effective way to get Instagram likes. Youcan buy Instagram likes at a fair price. The good thing with buying Instagramlikes is that, you also gain followers. This method is fast and can give youmany likes within a very short period of time.  

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