Institutionalized Oppression

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Last updated: March 4, 2019

The harsh laws and regulations against homosexuals have not only continued to perpetuate the idea of a strictly heterogeneity society, but our social construct continues to oppress any relationship that deviates from the norm.

Result of implementing a patriarchal society, the roles that men and women play in life have been clearly defined by society. Although, America believes that we are a nation of equality and acceptance, we are In reality the exact opposite. Not only do major gender inequalities still exist, but society continues to be Just as prejudice and discriminatory.With the establishment of the nuclear family, consisting of a heterosexual couple and children, the mentality that heterosexuality is the ideal standard has stayed the same.

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There have been many criticisms on compulsory heterosexuality and the Idea that heterosexuality Is the only real natural relationship, In the article, “Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence” by Adrienne Rich, she states that, “heterosexuality, like motherhood, needs to be recognized and studied as a political institution” (Rich 637).She argues that heterosexuality is politically Institutionalized because It has been strategically and deliberately carried UT by laws and regulations that restrains women and represses homosexuality. Society believes it has become more accepting, with its ability to let both men and women share similar benefits, but there is still an underlying attitude that makes men and women unequal.

Currently, inequalities are so extensive that women not only earn lower wages then men, but have “[learned] to behave in a complaisantly and ingratiatingly heterosexual manner because they discover this is their true qualification for employment, whatever the Job description” (Rich 642). Illustrating owe society is based on a sexist mentality, women have learned to carry themselves In a heterosexual manner as to appear more appealing to the opposite sex. This depicts how women are required to display some type of sexual attractiveness for men in order to secure a job.This is not only an example of gender inequalities in the workplace, but shows how society uses modes of repression to maintain its patriarchal social structure. “This [Institutionalized] heterosexual preference and taboos on homosexuality, in addition to objective economic dependence on men, make the option of primary sexual bonds with other women unlikely” (Rich 636). Regulating this process of a heterogeneity society, the state has established many laws and regulations that have continued to maintain this dominant paradigm. Throughout history, the state has tried to suppress and contain homosexuality.

Even “as early as 1 656, the New Haven Colony prescribed the death penalty for 1 OFF lessons” ( I Nils snows now severe ten punishment was IT Tuna to De In a non-heterogeneity relationship. The article, “The Straight State” by Marmot Canada states, “There was a policy against being homosexual, and it was federal in nature. States and localities generally policed homosexual acts, but it was the deader government that gradually developed the tools to target homosexual Persephone or status, the condition of being a homosexual” (Canada 6).Demonstrating how homosexuality was regulated and controlled, the state constructed the condition of being a homosexual. After creating this construct using characteristics, the state used it to oppress and discriminate those who were considered homosexual. The article continues, stating, “Those suspected of homosexuality were purged from the civil service and military in astounding numbers at indictment. They were also barred from certain federal benefits, faced increased FBI and Post Office surveillance and explicit immigration and naturalization exclusions, as well as the stain of alleged political subversion” (Canada 2).

As homosexuality was considered to be an unnatural relationship, the state continued to persecute them and subject them to many injustices. Homosexuals were singled out and had to face segregation as well as many laws that prohibited them from immigrating into the country. Many laws and regulations throughout history were enacted by the state to either suppress or keep homosexuals out of the country. As the state continues to regulate gender relations and promote only deteriorative relationships, society as a whole loses many privileges.

Suppressing relationships that are not considered “normal” restricts the population and as a result, narrows our culture. Maintaining the belief that only heterosexual relationships are acceptable, not only inhibits our understanding, but continues to perpetuate hate crimes and intolerance. The state and it’s structurally institutionalized notions are to blame for the discrimination and sexism that now run rampant in society.

In a country that is supposedly understanding and accepting, we continue to have restrictions on the kinds of relationships one is allowed to be involved in.With the state telling us what kind of relationship is acceptable and natural, society is stripped of certain freedoms and rights. Currently, the dominant paradigm in the United States for gender relationships is that of heterosexuality. Strict laws and regulations against homosexuals have not only continued to perpetuate this idea of a strictly heterogeneity society, but our patriarchal system continues to oppress any relationship that deviates from our prescribed standard.

In order to organize a society that is not based on a heterosexual ideal, society must change their perception and become tolerant of all minds of relationships.

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