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Intermittentfasting for womenIntermittent fasting is a fast growingtrend amongst all. With a little effort and less sweat at the gym, who wouldn’twant to try something easier for a healthy living? So let’s know how it can beyour favourite kind of meal plan too.Whatis intermittent fasting?It is a pattern of eating which allows bodyto burn down the stored fat on daily basis.

It involves a fasting period and ameal period. It’s a great way to get in shape without going on a crazy diet orcutting down your calories.Howdoes it work?Considering the normal physiology of thehuman body, as and when a meal is taken, the body produces a hormone calledinsulin which helps the food (glucose) enter into the cells and henceforth getstored. On the contrary during fasting the insulin levels hit the rock bottomand a chain to burn stored fats gets initiated. So a proper balance of eating and fastingcan help you keep a balance of your consumed and burnt calories too. Thusintermittent fasting leads to no or less weight gain.Advantagesof intermittent fastingImproves mental clarity and concentration, weightand fat loss, lowers type 2 diabetes, lowers blood cholesterol levels,increases growth hormone levels, lowers insulin and sugar levels and it is freefor sure!Themagic of 16:6It involves daily fasting for 16 hours andthen completing all the meals within the remaining 8 hours. It generallyinvolves skipping the breakfast and eating between 12 pm to 8pm.

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 Intermittentfasting meal planFirst meal should be from 1-2pmSecond meal should be between 4-5pmAnd the third meal between 7-8pmMeal 1 & 2 should be light meals. Heavymeals will make you lazy.·        1 chapatti with a bowl of dal·        Omelette and one fruit·        Fruit or vegetable salad·        Oat meal Meal 3 should be a main meal.

But I suggestkeeping this meal protein rich will help you achieve your goals faster!·        Chicken breast, veggies andbrown rice·        Whole Indian platter with ragiand oats chapatti Warriordiet and diet planThe name comes from an ancient concept ofwarriors who during the day time did exercises on empty stomach and ate lessduring the day. But had a feast before the called it off for the day. So theidea behind this kind of plan is to have one main meal and that too for thedinner.So your diet should mainly consist of 3meals, 2 of less quantity and one main meal. One should start with hot waterand 1 tsp honey and juice of half a lime.

Moving on the breakfast can includeprotein foods like one egg and few almonds and a cup of fruit juice. As youproceed towards lunch, medium bowl of fruits with 1 cup yogurt and ½ cup ofvegetable salad can be included. To finish off with dinner, have a completemeal of Indian thali, you may also include grilled chicken in it.

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