Internal & External Conflicts

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Last updated: April 26, 2019
Internal Conflict
man vs. self

External Conflict
a struggle between a character and an outside force

Types of External Conflicts
Man VS Man, Society, Nature, Supernatural, Technology, Destiny

What is the difference between external and internal conflicts?
Internal conflict is conflict within the person and external conflice is conflit between the person and someone or something else.

man vs man
When the conflict is between TWO CHARACTERS; external.

man vs self
where the main character of the story has a problem or struggle with him or herself

man vs society
where a main character thinks differently from society or the norm; believing or behaving in a way that is different what is expected and accepted in that society

man vs nature
A specific type of conflict when the conflict is between a character and a force of nature, like snow or rain or wind; external.

man vs supernatural
where a character or characters fight against elements outside the natural realma. Ex. character vs. ghosts, aliens, monsters, spirits, unexplainable occurrences, etc.

man vs technology
A specific type of conflict when the conflict is between a character and something like a computer, TV; external.

man vs destiny
when man tries to break free of his predetermined path chosen before him

the problem or problems characters face in a story

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