Internship(CS-5020) this opportunity where I can expose my

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Last updated: September 13, 2019

Internship(CS-5020)Report-1 Respected Professor Dr. Mohmoud Yousef,Hopeyou are doing good. I am Mohan Sai Reddy Dundi and my Student Id is 700664756presently I am doing my Curricular Practical Training (CPT) in E-GiantsTechnologies LLC operates out of its registered office at 1200 Valley WestDrive, West Des Moines IA 50266 where I will be working as a SoftwareDeveloper.Firstly,I would like to thank you for giving this opportunity where I can expose myskills in this computer world and learn more in my Internship Program.

Onthe first week of my training I met with my Manager and Team Members we had asmall meeting regarding the project they explained me overall status of theproject and they explained me some responsibilities as a Software Developer like:·        Designing,implementing and maintaining various java applications.·        Toactively take part in various architectural developments of your application.·        Conductingvarious software analysis, programming, testing and debugging of theapplication.·        Identifyingvarious production issues in the application.·        Suggestingchanges to improve established java application processes using latest javatechnologies.·        Developtechnical designs using different frameworks for application development.

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Inthe second week of my training I got trained on the ORM (Object relationalmapping) java framework which allows you to use java objects as representationof relational database and helps to map both object oriented and relationalconcepts. My job is to provide the mapping between the classes as per thedatabase using one of the Java ORM framework Hibernate. Using Hibernate I wasable to link my java classes to database tables present in MySql database.

Bythe end of the week I was able to work on various key components of Hibernatelike Configuration, Session Factory, sessions, Transaction and queries andimplemented these components to my java classes.Duringthe third week, I have started working on Spring web MVC framework which providesModel-View-Controller architecture and ready components that can be used todevelop flexible and loosely coupled web applications. During this task, I havelearnt how to configure Spring MVC with my ORM framework hibernate. After thisI have implemented various dependency injections on my bean classes of myapplication like constructor based dependency injection and setter-based dependencyInjection. Thesethree weeks I have learnt so many new aspects like major responsibility of aSoftware Developer, how to map the objects in java with the database table usinghibernate ORM framework and Dependency Injection (DI) in Spring MVC framework.Iam glad for this opportunity and will update your more about my project incoming weeks in my Report2.Thankyou,MohanSai Reddy Dundi,#700664756.

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