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Last updated: May 20, 2019
What is the purpose of the code?
– to ensure that all students have a FAPE- are educated in the LRE- are provided with services- to ensure rights are protected
each district should have what policies?
FAPE for students 3-21, child find, homeless identified, surrogate parent appointment, IEP development, LRE, transitions from Part C to Part B, provisions in private schools, in-service training.
district must submit an annual report that includes:
students with disabilities according to disability, age, ethnicity and placement, a staff report, suspensions and expulsions, alternate placements.

what is consent?
parent is fully informed, understands and agrees in writing, understands that consent is voluntary and can be revoked at anytime, understands that revocation is not retroactive.
What is the definition of ‘parent’?
natural parent, adoptive parent, legal guardian, foster parent, surrogate parent.
What does the district need parental consent?
before conducting any assessment, before IEP, before any assessment, before releasing records, each time the board of ed accesses private insurance, whenever an IEP member is excused from meeting, whenever an IEP is amended without a meeting, whenever parent agrees to waive a reevaluation.
what happens if parent refuses consent for IEP?
district cannot force through due process hearing. But it can pursue due process if consent is revoked.
What circumstances require written notice?
change of identification, classification, placement or provisions of FAPE
Eligibility meetings include:
parents, teachers, student (if eligible), one child study team member who participated in eval, case manager.
IEP meetings include:
parents, gen ed teacher, sp.

ed teacher, one child study team member, case manager, rep of district, student.

What is required of assessment?
– variety of tools- provided in child’s preferred language- standardized tests administered by certified personnel, assess in all areas, link to intervention. – not racially or culturally biased.
Suspension and expulsion:
cannot be due to a child’s disability, unless the behavior is very intrusive and dangerous.
Does a DSM diagnosis ensure IDEA classification?

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Disability must have an adverse educational impact

ways to determine learning disability:
– severe discrepancy between acheivment and ability – failure to improve following empirically-supported interventions (RTI)

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